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Wrapping up with snacks

Friday afternoon we ran over to the DVC Member Merry Mixer. We each got one treat:

DH & DS enjoyed theirs on the drive home. If anyone else wants to enjoy it, I saw them at Goofy’s Candy shop for $2.99

Of course, a trip would not be complete without stopping at Goofy’s Candy shop at DTD. After checking out, we drove over to DTD (parking was a zoo!) and went to Goofy’s


After checking our options, we filled out our forms. 

DH had a Mickey Krispy Rice treat: dipped in dark chocolate topped with mimi M&M’s, milk chocolate drizzle & caramel drizzel

I had a Mickey Krispy treat: dipped in dark chocolate topped with crushed Butterfingers, mini M&M’s and milk chocolate drizzle

DS was almost the same, dark chocolate with crushed Oreo cookie crumbs, crushed Reese’s Peanut Butter Cup and white chocolate drizzle

DD is not a rice krispy treat fan so she got the Fudge Cookie filled with chocolate (duh, she’s my daughter) dipped in dark chocolate topped with chopped peanuts, crushed Oreo cookie crumbs & caramel drizzle

I think that was the perfect way to end a Yummy Yummy Yummy trip!!!

Spoodles 12/5

We checked in early for our ADR at Spoodles and were given a beeper. After about 15 minutes we were seated.

DH ordered a pitcher of Sangria for us:

This was really good! Spanish red wine, brandy & triple sec with fruit juice & slices of fruit. FYI, the Allears menu lists the pitcher as $18.75 as of Sep 08, the price 3 months later has jumped substantially to $25.00!!!

For our appetizer we had a goat cheese with marinara served with foccacia toast. We were so hungry, we dove in and had almost finished it before we remembered to take a picture.  So apologies for the half eaten food pic

This was really really good! The cheese was so creamy, and the marinara was wonderful and both on the foccacia toast was a delicious combination.

Our server; Bobby from Hell (Hell Michigan that is) brought out a basket of bread with an olive tapenade dipping oil:

I liked this because it had a really nice combination of olives, not just green olives (which are not my favorite).

For our entrees, DD & I both had the Lemon-Garlic Shrimp Linguine with preserved lemons, shaved garlic, Italian parsley & butter.

It’s amazing how we can have the same dish, at the same table, yet they came out different.  I probably should have switched plates with DD, because she loves pepper and mine had a whole lot of pepper. It was still good, but I could’ve done with less pepper.    The description said it was with preserved lemons, but there weren’t any in my dish.   All in all, this was very good and DD devoured hers. I’m probably just nitpicking because it was the end of the trip and we’d had so many good meals.

DS got the kids cheese pizza (he’s 11, what can I say-he likes pizza)

He liked the pizza and really liked the plate.  If anyone knows where I can get those Mickey shaped plates, let me know please!

DH ordered the Wood Grilled Pork Tenderloin with Homemade Gnocchi, Spinach, Mushrooms, Onions, and Red Wine Sauce:

He really enjoyed this and loved the Gnocchi. The pork was very tender and had a nice smoky/wood flavor.

We were all full and since we were heading back to Epcot for Extra Magic Hours we decided to skip dessert for now.

Spoodles used to be our 1st night tradition but they changed the menu and we had a so-so experience last time, so we hadn’t been there in a couple of years. This was a really good dinner and I’m really glad we decided to try it again.

3 adult entrees
1 kid meal
1 appetizer
2 lemonades
1 pitcher Sangria
Total after DDE/TiW discount with Tax & Tip: $104.88

a few odds & ends

DH & I were a little jealous about the kids trip to Main Street Bakery so on our way out of the park on Thursday we stopped and brought some cinnamon rolls back to the villa for Fridays breakfast.   What a wonderful way to start the day!   I didn’t take a picture because they got a little messy in the plastic container, but it didn’t matter they still tasted wonderful! 

The weather was beautiful, so we spent sometime at the pool.  Gotta love laying out by the pool in December, listening to Christmas carols with a lovely drink called a Turtle Crawl in my hand.   I seem to recall it had a variety of rums: rum, coconut rum, maybe banana rum & some juice.  Didn’t really matter, it was tropical & yummy! 

We headed to Epcot later in the afternoon to wander before our dinner at Spoodles.   DD was feeling guilty about missing school so she went on Living with the Land to cover some Biology, and then we went to France so she could hear/speak some French (to cover French 1).  While in France, DH saw that they had Moet & Chandon Imperial and ordered a glass for me. I love that man!  He knows that Moet & Chandon White Star is my favorite, so when he saw that they had the Imperial he decided I had to have some.  I loved my champagne and DH had a glass of Vouvrey (?).  While we enjoyed those, the kids each picked a piece of chocolate to try. Everyone was happy! 
Champagne $12.20 (yikes)
Wine 4oz pour $4.69
total with tax $17.99
chocolates (paid seperately) .47 each

After watching the really really bad Impressions de France movie, we made our way over to the Boardwalk and checked in early for our 7pm ADR at Spoodles.

The culinary tour is first come first serve they do it before Boma and Jiko open. At Jiko they tell you about the meaning of things around the resturant. Like the colors on the walls the birds in the air etc. Then you meet with a chef and they go over the foods and they have some stuff for you to sample. Like the Appetizer you had that night. And then you walk with the group over to Boma’s and one of the chefs there will walk you down the buffet and explain all the great food they serve YUM. It doesn’t take real long and it’s better then just sitting waiting for the resturant to open.  The best part of the whole thing is the tour is FREE!!!!!!  That’s correct, not a typo, you read right, I said FREE

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“Jiko is yummy” and “Jiko is gooooood” were 2 of the comments this morning

After letting DH nap for a couple of hours, he was ready for our 9pm Advanced Dining Reservation at Jiko. We drove over to Animal Kingdom Lodge and checked in a few minutes early.   We waited over by the bar, looking at the drink menu and were a little disappointed.   They only have 3 “specialty” cocktails listed and they weren’t that special: there was an appletini, cosmo & margarita with African names.   Our table was ready so we skipped the before dinner cocktails.

We were seated across from The Cooking Place which was neat to watch. We started with an appy to share, the Taste of Africa: Trio of Dips with Assorted Breads and House-made Naan

The green one was lentils, spinach & cilantro. It was pretty good, with a clean taste. The cilantro really came through. The red one was kind of spicy, and I’m not sure what was in that one. DH liked it, I kept trying it not sure if I liked it or not.  The purpleish one was hummus with kalamata olives. This was really good and my favorite! 

Ordering our entrees was the hard part.  With all the wonderful reviews of the filet, we all wanted that  but we all wanted to try other things too. DH, DD & DS all got the Oak Fired Filet Mignon with Mac & Cheese.  DS got his with the wine sauce on the side (he says “thanks MickeyNicki” for letting him know that he could do that)

Filet with wine sauce on the side

Filet with Mac & Cheese

They all raved about this dish! DH said he could have cut it with a fork and that the wine sauce was to die for. DD wanted to lick it off the plate, lol.  DS loved it as well and inhaled the mac & cheese.  It wasn’t a cheddar, but a variety of white cheeses so I really didn’t think he would end up liking it but I was glad to be wrong.

To change things up a little, I ordered the Kenyan Coffee BBQ Braised Beef Short Rib:

Wow, this was really good! I was given a steak knife, but I’m not sure why.  I was able to pull the meat off with a fork and the rest just fell off the bone. It was a huge serving, and I’ll be having the rest of it for lunch today. 

When our meals were served we were also given a basket of breads with tandoori butter:

There were 2 types of bread in there: a cinnamon honey bread that was very good and a 2nd one that I didn’t try.  I was trying to save room for dessert. I’ll try it with my lunch today because when our server boxed up my leftovers, he asked if I would like bread with it and boxed up a fresh order of it.

Onto my favorite part of any meal; Dessert!
DH had the Pistachio Creme Brulee with chocolate layered bottom:

This was very good and very rich. Good pistachio taste and the chocolate on the bottom was yummy.

DD & I both had to have the Tanzanian Chocolate Cheesecake with chocolate ganache, amarula sauce, and lavender ice cream:

First, presentation was beautiful! 2nd, it tasted even better than it looked.  Yummy Yummy Yummy! Rich Rich Rich! The cheesecake was fantastic, the lavendar ice cream was really good. I wasn’t sure what to expect but it was good.  It tasted like a really good vanilla ice cream with lavendar.  The lavendar tastes just like it smells for lack of a better description. I don’t think I’d want a whole bowl of it, but a little bit on the side was really good.

DS ordered the servers recommendation which isn’t even on the menu. He got the Smores & More:

To make it even cooler, this is a “make your own” dessert. On the plate were graham crackers, a bowl of chocolate ganache, a bowl of fresh (real) peanut butter and of course a bowl of toasted melted marshmallows.  DS was thrilled with this dessert! I got a little bite and it was really good!

DH & I ordered a press pot of coffee to go with our desserts:

We were told that this is Jiko’s very own blend of coffee and it was delicious!

When our server brought out our check, he also brought these little biscotti out:

We were too full to eat them, but I did try one (just doing my job as a good reviewer ) These were good, a little lemony & I believe it was dried blueberries. If I wasn’t so full, these would have been great to finish the meal off with.

1 appetizer, 4 adult entrees, 2 sodas, 4 desserts & 1 press pot coffee. Total after DDE/TiW discount with tax & tip: $209.89

Well worth the money, an excellent dinner & dining experience!

Some reviews from the cool person (Electric Umbrella and Main Street Bakery)

Howdy everybody! I’m going to catch up two holes, Electric Umbrella from…yeah, whatever, I’m on vacation so I don’t keep up with days of the week, and Main Street Bakery from yesterday  Here we go!

OH! I have Pecos Bills too, so I suppose I could throw that in.

At Electric Umbrella…

Bro’s burger. He thought it was pretty good, fries were fine too.

My chicken nuggets. Really hit the spot, yummy breading, but I miss the strips

Food was fine here, service was SLOWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWWW! And we ate at like 1:30-2. Crazy!

Main Street Bakery:

This cinnamon roll was YUMMY!!!! and bigger than little bro’s head!

French toast loaf yummyyummyyummyyummyyummyyummyyummyheaven

The line here at 10 was insane, but they moved through it pretty quickly, and it was worth every bit of the 20 minutes (that was longer than the line for Space Mountain at the time!)

At Pecos Bills, we both had the same thing, a cheeseburger, ketchup only.

It was fine, bro liked the fries better than I did.

Cool new thing at Pecos Bills though, express ordering. It’s a touch screen system that anyone using a credit card, resort charge, or dining plan credit can use. It’s easy, and it lets you avoid using the slowwww cashiers. Pretty neat!

Well, I’m caught up, mama bear can chill out on me and post last night’s dinner soon

Columbia Harbor House

After taking his medicine and a couple of naps, DH decided he didn’t want to be cooped up anymore so we headed to the  Magic Kingdom  for the afternoon.  I apologize for the pics, the kids took the camera with them so I had to use my cell phone.

We grabbed a quick lunch at Columbia Harbor House.  DH had the Lighthouse sandwich which is hummus with tomato & broccoli slaw.

I didn’t think it looked all that appetizing, the hummus was very yellow. DH really enjoyed it. He said the hummus was kind of bland but the broccoli slaw was very good.

I had the Anchors Aweigh Sandwich, white tuna with lettuce & tomato on a toasted multi-grain bread.

I think the most surprising thing about this sandwich was that the tomato actually had flavor!  It’s hard to get a tomato with taste in December but this was good. The tuna had very little mayo, I would’ve liked a little more but for people like DH with a mayo aversion this is perfect.

The interesting thing we learned here was that we could sub out fries for the potato chips that come with the sandwich. Originally DH ordered our sandwiches & a order of fries for us to share. The CM told him that chips come with the sandwiches when DH said we didn’t want the chips, she took them off the order (price dropped over $1 each) and then added 2 side orders of fries on. So if you don’t want the chips, make sure to order the sandwich only. 

Total for 2 sandwiches, 2 sides of fries, 2 cokes: $20.71 including tax

For a Counter Service meal, this was pretty good. Not too heavy but it was filling

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