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“I survived a week with my Dad” Chapter 14

Posted on: May 27, 2009

The long ride home

We had hoped to drive straight through and just get home, but we left a lot later than we had planned, but not quite late enough to make it easy to stop.   We snacked on our food from Artists Palette as we drove, the turkey and brie  sandwich was very good.  DH enjoyed the fruit & cheese plates, they were easy to eat while driving,  filling but not too heavy. DS devoured the bagel.  When the tired grumpies set in, we stopped for the night near Savannah. — There’s a very nice Comfort Suites, that for $10 more than the other hotels at the exit had 2 queen beds and a sofa sleeper! Yay!  No fighting over who sleeps on the aero bed.  Also had a mini fridge & microwave, and hot breakfast in the morning– After breakfast we loaded back up and hit the road for the rest of the drive home. It was a quiet, rainy drive home but it was nice to see our house when we pulled in the driveway

DH started unpacking the truck immediately, and I started moving things inside. It’s pretty chilly in here. I set the thermostat down before we left, but it’s really chilly in here. why won’t the buttons on the thermostat do anything? Ok, let’s put the Saratoga water in the garage fridge, um why isn’t the light on when the door is open? Oh crud! Turns out the GFCI in the garage tripped. All of the food in the freezer was squishy and for some reason the thermostat for the main floor was on the same circuit. That’s why it was so chilly! No idea why it tripped, and it’s been fine ever since. Not the nicest “welcome home” but at least we were home and would sleep in our own beds, in our own rooms


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