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“I survived a week with my Dad” Chapter 7

Posted on: May 27, 2009

AK & Boma

Wow, Wednesday all ready! It’s going so fast, but it feels as if I’ve been walking for an eternity. I’m still amazed at how much fun the party was last night  (other than the wet clothes )!

After such a late night, no one is moving fast this morning. Today is our day to see Animal Kingdom, Boma  at Animal Kingdom Lodge for dinner (zebra domes!) and if we’re up to it, EMH at AK.  Expedition Everest in the dark? Terrifiying or Awesome?   

We start the day with some bakery items brought back to the room for breakfast and a quick call with Dad to make plans. Dad & Jackie are at the Studios  getting breakfast, they’ll meet us around noon in front of Animal Kingdom. I haven’t had enough coffee yet, breakfast at the studios? I planned all of the sitdown meals to make the best use of them and have our meal together. They must be having Counter Service somewhere???  At least they’re learning how to get around, and sounds like they’re having fun!

We meet up at Animal Kingdom and head in.  Wow, it’s feeling pretty crowded. We head over to Africa to get fast passes for the Killamanjaro Safari.  This is the one thing that Dad learned about before the trip and has been really looking forward to. Oh Oh!  Standby is 60 minutes and there’s nothing on the Fast Pass board.  DH goes over to the fast pass area to ask what’s going on, and it turns out the machines broke right before they ran out of fast passes.  The Cast Members were handwriting passes for everyone that was in the line, so DH managed to get one for our party of 6, after 2pm. Way to go honey!  Oh, and since it was a handwritten pass, we were able to get fastpasses for Dinosaur.  Now everyone is still tired from last night, we’ve walked to Africa, then to Dino Land, now we’re talking about getting lunch so it won’t be too close to our 6:20 Advanced Dining Reservation at Boma.  Poor DS is starting to get a little frustrated.  We’ve been in the park for an hour and haven’t done anything. Allright, the four of us hop on Primevilwhirl  real quick.  He’s a trooper, and always tries to please everyone else before himself so he’s ok with lunch for now.  Most of us want Flame Tree BBQ, ok, everyone but DS.  So DH gives me his order and runs to Pizzafari for DS. Dad & Jackie order and take their food. I order while DD & DS find a table. I’m getting 3 Counter Service  meals, entree, drink & dessert. It’s on 2 trays and oh yeah, no lids at Animal Kingdom (to protect the Animals)! I quick call DD’s cell, but she doesn’t answer (she’s good at calling, but answering is not her strong suit) Well, here we go. Somehow I manage to carry the tray with drinks & desserts in one hand and the meals in the other through the crowds. One very kind gentleman did offer to help, but at that point I was afraid if I tried to transfer it would be a disaster. I made it to the sauces & cutlery stand and DD showed up. Good girl! We grabbed utensils and straws. Straws?  Whoa, they’ve got straws at Animal Kingdom now; they’re cardboard.  A little strange, but I liked it. With DD’s help we get the food and drinks to the table (could they have picked one any farther away?!!) I had the smoked chicken, which was very good & and juicy. Not a big fan of their beans, and the corn muffin was a little dry. DD & DH had the ribs and loved them. Of course, DH wasn’t back from pizzafari yet, so DS was hungry. His sister was nice and let him try a rib, and he liked it. I’m starting to think the kids name should be “Mikey” (anyone remember those Life Cereal ads?)  DH did make it back, enjoyed his meal and DS enjoyed his pizza.

It’s 2pm and with full tummies we decide to head over to the safari now, even though our fast passes for Dinosaur are good now.  We walk back across the park again, but Dad is really happy, he can’t wait to go on the safari. The safari was good, Dad was happy. We know it’s much better in the morning, but hey we weren’t moving in the morning.   Now Dad wants to see the gorillas, ok, cool. We haven’t gone on the Pangani Trail in years. DS is starting to look a little upset.   It’s almost 3pm and all we’ve done is Primevilwhirl, eat and ride the safari, so I can see his point.   “Dad, why don’t you & Jackie ride the train to Rafiki’s Planet Watch, you’ll really like that and we’ll take DS to “do” something”  Poor kid, at 10 it’s hard to wait.  Off we go towards Expedition Everest.  Maybe if we walk slow I can see the Jingle Jungle Parade ?  Nope this kid wasn’t waiting for a parade, he wanted to ride.  Expedition Everest  here we come!

On our June trip, DH rode Expedition Everest  by himself, single rider line to “check it out”.  DS had wanted to go, until the opportunity presented itself and he suddenly he “wasn’t in the mood”.  This trip, we’re all going to ride.  The line isn’t bad, and the queue is pretty cool. DS is getting a little nervous but DH tells him it’s a lot like Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, but faster and smoother like Space Mountain.

Next up: EE 


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