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Saratoga Springs 2008- Chapter 4

Posted on: May 27, 2009

Wow, it’s Wednesday allready.  Halfway point of the trip.  Today is our big food day.   After reading a wonderful food review from MickeyNicki on the disboards, we are trying Boma breakfast this morning and then our favorite Brown Derby for dinner tonight.

Since we’re not morning people, we have a 10:45am Advanced Dining Reservation at Boma.  We are going to drive over to make it easy.  My truck (Ford Expedition) acts a little strange when DH starts it, but then seems fine. With DVC member card/Disney Dining Experience card we get free valet parking and were walking into Animal Kingdom Lodge and seated at Boma in no time flat.  DS11 loves  breakfast buffets (so do I )  DD14 is not a breakfast person, does not like most breakfast foods even, but when she read & saw the pics on MickeyNicki’s review she wanted to try Boma.  Wow, this is an amazing breakfast!   DD was all set between the Corned Beef on the carving station and all the wonderful muffins.  The carved meats, mini omelets, muffins, fruits, and the OMG incredible sticky buns won us all over. Then we tried the jungle juice, YUM!  Great coffee, yummy juice, and all that food.  We all could’ve rolled out of there.  We love dinner at Boma and now breakfast is a must do as well! 

We walk outside and and wait for the valet to pull my truck around.  We wait…..and wait some more……I see a management type person run down with what looks like a charger, and we continue to wait. Someone finally asks if we’ve been helped, and we say yes, they were supposed to be pulling a blue expedition up.  The girl has no idea and asks the other valet and he says something about it not starting and they’re trying to jump it now.  Manager comes back and then DH goes down to the valet lot with him.  They get it started and pull up for us.  Our only guess is that the kids left stuff on in the back (I’ve got outlets that DD uses for her laptop and DS uses for his playstation).  All seems fine now, so back to Saratoga Springs Resort we go for a relaxing afternoon.

We spend the afternoon at the Grandstand pool with a couple of those fabulous Mai Tai’s and our books.  It was hot & sunny, perfect pool weather!

After showering and changing, we head to the Studio’s for dinner at the Brown Derby.  This is our 3rd trip in a row eating here, it has become our favorite restaurant.  We got to the Studios and went to check times on Tower of Terror  and Rockin Rollercoaster. Got Fast Passes and then wandered around watching the Streetmosphere.  I love walking and watching at the Studio’s, the atmoshpere is great.

I could do without the blacktop though in June, it really holds the heat in.  We made our way back to Brown Derby and checked in.  A lot of people seemed to be trying to walk in, but they were all being turned away.  We were seated within minutes, taken to what we were told was the “Chefs Table”.  It’s the big table in front of the bar, overlooking the rest of the restaurant. I don’t know if it really is a special table or not, but we felt special.  Our server was fantastic (I feel bad, I didn’t write down his name) he was very helpful with suggestions, refills, etc. He always seemed to be there if we needed anything, but not overbearing/hovering. We (DH & I) started with cocktails and shared the Cobb salad. Yum!  The menu had changed slightly from our last 2 visits.  The filet has been replaced with a NY Strip (our server said that it’s excellent and they were having difficulty getting the filet), the grouper was gone (loved that) and the pork had a different name and slightly different description. DD fell in love  with the Roasted Hatfield Pork Rib Chop in December, she swears it’s the best thing she ever put in her mouth.  So she was a little worried about the changes and also asked about switching the sides, but our server told her that the new one is fantastic and to try the sides that come with it.  He promised that if she didn’t like them, he would get her replacements.  Since she’s trying to “grow” and become a foodie, she agreed to try the new pork dish with the sides. Our server told DH to try the Ahi Tuna, since he’s had several of the other items on the menu previously and I had the Salmon with the marscapone polenta with gorgonzola and balsamic glaze & olive tapenade. DS11 ordered his favorite, the hotdog on the kids menu.  He told our waiter that they have the best hot dogs on property.  Our waiter told DS he would tell the Chef that.  Dinner came out and as always was fantastic! I can only assume that DD’s pork was good, because it was gone before I could even get a taste.  She even liked the sides. DH was glad that he got the Ahi Tuna, and it didn’t take long to clear his plate .  The salmon was perfectly cooked and that polenta is wonderful!  The only thing left on my plate was the Sicilian olive tapenade, which is too salty for me.  DH laughed at me, because I didn’t like it last time either.  I prefer black olives, the green ones just aren’t my thing.  Then there’s DS, who ate his entire hot dog and asked our server if he had told the Chef what he said.  A few minutes later, the Chef comes out to introduce himself to us and said that he was very glad to hear that DS loves the hot dogs so much.  Here we are having a 4/5 star dinner and my son is complimenting the Chef on the Ballparks!!!!   We finished dinner with coffee (good coffee, not Disney coffee) and dessert. DH & DD had their grapefruit cake, DS had the creme brulee and the chocolate lover that I am, had the flourless chocolate cake. Another fantastic meal at Brown Derby.


After dinner we walked down to check out TSM. The wait was 120 minutes  I don’t think so! We went and walked around the backlot and Streets of America and finally found:

The Singin in the Rain umbrella!

DD impersonating Mary Tyler Moore on the Streets of America

DS impersonating Darth Vader

The skies started to look a little scary, so we figured it would be a good time to go to Muppet Vision. If you normally go straight in and hurry to get into the next show, don’t. There is sooooo much to look at in this attraction. We’ve seen this sign many times:

We took our time and this is what we found

The show was funny as always and when we came out the sky had cleared. We rode Star Tours real quick and then we went back up to see if there were Fast Passes for EMH at Toy Story Midway Mania. Nope and the wait was 100 minutes. We were starting to walk away when DS saw the single rider line.  We waited about 20 minutes (much better than 100) and had a great time.  I thought it was a lot of fun but DH said he would have been disappointed if he’d waited 2 hours for it.  After that we went and saw Indy and then went to Great Movie Ride.  I wasn’t feeling real well at this point, full tummy and the heat had me feeling a little green.   DD was worn out as well, and she doesn’t like the thrill rides and wanted to leave.  I really didn’t want to miss Rockin Rollercoaster and since we had the Fast Passe I figured I was either going to feel alot better or alot worse.  DD waited while the rest of us rode.  That was the best I had felt in hours!  I thought about trying Tower of Terror, but figured I’d be pushing my luck. Maybe next time,  The “boys” stayed and used their Fast Passes for Tower of Terror and DD & I caught a bus back to SSR.

It was a good night. Got a little frustrating at times with lines and with our dear children who don’t mind waiting for the things they like but want to leave as soon as they get what they want.  If you saw a family having words about kids being selfish on Sunset Blvd, it wasn’t us.

Tomorrow DH & I have a golf date and then we’ll have dinner with the Princesses.


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