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Saratoga Springs Resort June 2008 Chapter 2

Posted on: May 27, 2009

Monday was our 2nd day and the plan was to relax & take it easy by the pool during the day and maybe get DS’s haircut, dinner at Yak & Yeti at Animal Kingdom and  AK Extra Magic Hours.

After DD woke up it didn’t look like the plans were going to go as expected.  She still felt awful and said she couldn’t take a full breath.  On Wednesday her pediatrician had said she probably wouldn’t need the inhaler by Saturday and here it is Monday and she can’t breath .  I called her Dr’s office from our patio (btw, we all had trouble getting a cell signal in our villa) after telling the nurse everthing going on, she consulted with the DR and came back with “you’re not going to like this, but he wants her to be seen and possibly have a chest x-ray. You probably should go to the ER or an Urgent Care center”  She was right, I didn’t like that idea.  I was hoping they could just call in a script for more/better cough medicine.  I also have experience with Orlando emergeny rooms & urgent care and it hasn’t been good.  So we called InRoomMD, told them what was happening and then the Dr called about 20 minutes later to schedule a time to come to our room. He had some appointments already booked for the afternoon, so we scheduled for him to come around 5pm.

In the mean time we relaxed in the room for awhile, reading & napping.  Then DS & I left to go to Magic Kingdom to get his haircut at Harmony Barber Shop.  We figured if there was a long wait at the barber shop we would just meet DH & DD at Animal Kingdom after she saw the Dr.  DS & I got to the bus stop and a few minutes later we were on a bus headed to Magic Kingdom.  Walked straight over to the barber shop, there were 2 people in there getting there hair cut and DS was next.  Now ever since I had told him about BroganMc’s trip report on the Disboards & Grandpa Mohawk (http://www.disboards.com/showthread.php?t=1787982),  he’s wanted to come here and get one too.  Penny & Michael were working and we started talking while they were finishing the other haircuts. I told them why DS wanted to get the mohawk and Penny wanted to know how we knew Grandpa Mohawk.  Gotta love the Disboards and online friendships!  Michael gave DS his mohawk, and I found myself telling him to go with the blue.  Never thought I’d be telling someone to color my son’s hair blue!!!  DS didn’t think he wanted the Pixie Dust, but Penny told him that Grandpa Mohawk allways gets the Pixie Dust so he needed it too! –I forgot to take the camera over to the barber shop, so here’s the pic from when we got back to the room–

He got a great response from Cast Members as we were leaving and a few strange looks from families we walked past .  Since it was about 4:30, we decided to just go back to the room.  Caught a bus right away (and the bus driver loved his hair) and got back to our villa right before the Dr arrived.

Just after 5pm the Dr arrived at our villa.  He had DH fill out some paperwork and then he examined DD.  Checked her pulse/oxygen, pulse was high & oxygen was fine.  Blood pressure was pretty low (explains why she kept needing 2 hour naps).  Listened to her lungs, had her cough and talk.  Said it sounded like pneumonia in her left lung and told us that she has a heart murmur.  Checked her throat and said that even though her strep test was negative on Wednesday, she had strep.  He checked to make sure that she didn’t have a rash (indicating Scarlet fever) and after the examination he wrote scripts for an antibiotic & an allergy/cough medicine.  He said she should try to take it a little easy, but that she could still go to the parks.  All in all the visit  took about a half hour.

Unfortunately at this point there was no way we were going to make our Advanced Dining Reservation at Yak & Yeti, we called and tried to push it back but were told there was nothing available.  DH & DD ran out to the Walgreens to get her prescriptions and as soon as they got back we headed to Animal Kingdom.  We called wdwdine (again)from the cell phone as we walked to the bus stop and they said there was nothing available at Animal Kingdom  for the rest of the night.  We arrived at AK a few minutes before 8 (regular park closing time) and went straight back to Yak & Yeti.  DH explained that we hadn’t been able to make it earlier for our Advanced Dining Reservation and they said no problem, it’d be a 15 minute wait.  We went outside and got our Extra Magic Hour  bracelets (right across from the restaurant & much much shorter lines than we’d seen elsewhere in the park)  We must have gotten the last table they had available because everyone that came in after us was turned away.

Dinner at Yak & Yeti:
DH & I started with cocktails from the bar. I don’t remember what it was called, but it was very very good!

At the table we started with the Dim Sum basket. It was pretty good, with somethings that I’ve never tried before.
DH had the Duck with Anandapur glaze–this was very good
I had the Crispy Honey Chicken–it was good. The tempura coating on the chicken was the best I’ve ever had! The honey sauce was allright, not as good as I expected but still good.
DD had the Shaoxing Steak & Shrimp–Wow! The skirt steak was incredible (I only got a tiny bite) so tender! The shrimp were very good as well 
DS was not feeling very adventourus at this point, so he had the mini burger from the kids menu. It seemed to be a pretty good burger.

We were quite full after dinner and walked slowly over to Kali River Rapids.  It was around a 15 minute wait.  I’m the one that always gets soaked to the bone, not a dry spot on me.   It was neat to do in the dark and for the very first time, I didn’t get totally drenched  I was pretty wet, but not like normal.

Next we headed over to Expedition Everest  but the standby wait was 50 minutes. Fast Passes were gone and they didn’t have the single rider line open.   We’ve all been on it multiple times before, so we decided that we weren’t waiting for it tonight. We started walking towards Dinoland and DD was fading fast.  DS wanted to ride Dinosaur & Primevilwhirl, so I stayed with him & DH & DD went back to the room. It was 10pm by now and I wasn’t sure we’d get both rides in.  30 minute wait for Dinosaur, but it moved pretty good.  Had some great conversations in line, DS’s mohawk was quite the conversation starter!   Practically no wait for Primevilwhirl.   DS & I love that!  Rode with a Dad & daughter that had never been on before, we all laughed the whole way thru.  We walked out of the park at 11pm  and went to wait in line for the bus. It was packed! The whole bus shelter area was packed for every bus stop, there was barely a walkway left to get to the last bus stop by the time busses started showing up. It was very warm in there .  Finally got a bus at 11:30pm, thankfully we were towards the front of the line, not everyone was able to get on.

We managed to do dinner & 3 rides in 3 hours. Not exactly what we had expected, but all in all it was a good night.

Next up: Tuesday is golf day


1 Response to "Saratoga Springs Resort June 2008 Chapter 2"

He is so adorably CUTE. We LOVE the mohawk so much that I am going to give in and let my 10yo daughter get one, she SO wants a neon pink one with the sides shaved smooth.
PS she is TOTALLY in love with your son !!

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