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Hilton Head Island October 2008 -Day 2

Posted on: May 28, 2009

This morning DH & I went to play golf at Golden Bear (got a great rate at last minute tee times) We left around 9am for a 10:04 tee time. Pretty course, not terribly difficult if you keep the ball in the fairway, but if you go in the rough  forget it!!!

Kids were still asleep when we left but they had big plans to check out the Beach House while we were gone. DS was very excited that he got to call the shuttle from the resort bus stop.  They both said the shuttle driver was wonderful.  The driver told them not to even wait the 30 minutes for a shuttle and to just call her when ever they were ready to go back to the resort .  They had fun looking for shells, collecting sea water for DD’s biology class.   Had lunch  there and came back to the villa to “chill”.

We all met back in the villa in the afternoon and went to the pool for a bit. Again, not busy at all. I had a very nice conversation with some United Kingdom Disney Vacation Club members while relaxing in the hot tub.

After showers/naps we headed out for dinner.  There are so many choices, that it was hard to decide, but we chose Frankie Bones. OMG it was wonderful! The description was an Italian-American restaurant & lounge with a Frank Sinatra Chicago/NY/Vegas feel. Big deep booths, dim lighting and very “cool” “hip” 50’s decor. Service was wonderful and the food, the food was incredible!  Bread came out with a sun-dried tomato flavored butter, yum. DH had the lobster mac & cheese with a 1 1/2 lbs of lobster in it, that was presented with the empty lobster shell (DS named him Bob   I had the Oscar Salmon which was sooooo good! DD had the Tuscan Filet, which was prepared perfectly. DS asked our waitress how big the kids pizza was and if he should get the adult pizza instead.  She told him it was the same size and to just get the kids one.  He ate the whole pizza, it was perfect size for him. Then there was dessert…..  The kids got the Creme Brulee but didn’t love the touch of Amaretto.   DH & I shared the nutty Irishman Ice Cream Cake. 3 layers of chocolate cake with Frangelico, Bailey’s & coffee ice cream between the layers. All covered in chocolate ganache.  Wonderful meal, I highly recommend this restaurant!

Completey stuffed, we headed back to the resort for the activity I had been waiting for for 4 years. It was campfire night.  On our 1 previous trip, it rained and cancelled the campfire for our trip, so I was really looking forward to this. The kids were down to the campfire pit early and DS answered the Cast Member’s trivia question, so he got to be the Bell Ringer and start the activities. There were a bunch of silly songs and DH may have looked at me a little strange as I was singing along.  What can I say, I was a Girl Scout. I’ve been singing these songs since I was 5 years old.  All of the kids and families seemed to be having a really good time (except when the smoke would blow in their eyes. It was pretty swirly all evening). When it was time to start roasting marshmallows for the s’mores, the Cast Members announced that DS & his family would be first in line since he was the bell ringer.  I told DH I didn’t think I could eat a s’more cuz I was still full from dinner, but it was a s’more, I couldn’t resist .  We spent the rest of the evening relaxing at the pool & hot tub and out on our deck .  The kids played a bit more table tennis & shuffleboard.

Our trip was almost over, we would be leaving in the morning.

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