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Saratoga Springs Resort June 2008- Chapter 7

Posted on: May 28, 2009

So sad when you wake up and have to load up to go home.

DH & I got our stuff packed up and I packed up the kitchen/living room stuff.  He was going to run up to the clubhouse/proshop  at Lake Buena Vista to see if our clubs had come back (there was some confusion about whether they could send them back to Lake Buena Vista from Osprey Ridge since the course was closed) UH-OH, he was back a lot faster than he could’ve driven to the clubhouse.   My truck didn’t start!   He called the front desk (I know, he really talked to someone in Oklahoma ) they sent someone over to jumpstart it.  Not a great way to start the day.   He then ran over to the clubhouse, and nope, no golf clubs.  A very nice lady at the pro shop said she would hunt them down and drop them off at our villa.  DH came back, locked the truck with it running and (thank goodness for free internet) looked up where to get a new battery.   He ended up going to the Car Care center on property. The car care center is running a diagnostic on my truck, the golf clubs are still missing and it’s now 10am, and we’re supposed to be out of the villa at 11! 

DS had finished his packing, so he took off to the arcade & Community Hall for a bit. DD finished her packing. I walk up to the Carriage House to see if we can get a late check out somehow. I told them I was having a very “unmagical” day, the Cast Member at the counter didn’t understand to0 well (English was not her 1st language) but a Manager overheard and came over to help. She checked a few things and said we could stay in the room till noon and if that wasn’t enough time for my truck to be fixed to let her know.   All she asked was that I call when we did leave the room.   Thank you!!! I really couldn’t have asked for anything more and was very grateful. 

As I walked back to our room, I saw a golf club cart pull away from our building. When I walked in, there were all 3 sets of clubs!  Things were starting to look up  DH called and said they were installing a new battery and he was happy that he was not being overcharged.   He made it back and we loaded up and were in the truck at 11am.  Guess I didn’t need the extra time in the room after all. 

Originally the plan for the day was to hang out, play some mini-golf, maybe go to a park for a bit then head out late in the day. We were just too tired and it was going to be really hot so we decided to just drive home.  So long Saratoga, until next time Mickey!


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