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Yummy Yummy Yummy- Toojays

Posted on: May 28, 2009

Saturday 11/29 what a day! Toojays

We like to drive down the day before check in, and stay offsite for a night. We got on the road around 8am Saturday morning, making great time until we were the 2nd car in a 6 car pile up .   We managed to stop and not hit the van in front of us, but the guy behind us didn’t stop as quickly.   Any of you who were stuck on I-95 SB in Georgia, sorry .  We’re all fine, my Expedition has a broken handle for the liftgate & the front grill popped out.   That’s it.   It just took a good hour waiting for the police to get everything taken care of.   We drove off and arrived at the Buean Vista Suites around 5:15pm

DH & I both grew up in northern cities with large Jewish populations, so we miss having good delis.   Toojays is a local chain that’s really pretty good.   We headed off to the Dr. Philips area Toojays on Sand Lake Blvd.

DH was thrilled with his Matzho Ball soup, so thrilled that the only picture I have is of an empty bowl

Bread served before dinner:

DH, DD15 & I all had a Corned Beef Sandwhich with minor differences. The sandwich came with a yummy kosher dill pickle & some pretty good cole slaw. Cole slaw was creamy, but not too creamy

DD had a side of french fries and DH had a smear of chopped liver:

Everything was really good! Corned beef was excellent, cole slaw was good, french fries were hot, crispy on the outside & soft on the inside; DH says the chopped liver was good, I wasn’t gonna touch it but he likes it.

If you’re wondering, yes DS 11 was with us, but he wasn’t hungry and only had a bagel with cream cheese. He did make this contribution to the food pics:

Good comfort food was what we needed and it’s what we got!

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