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Yummy Yummy Yummy – Planet Hollywood

Posted on: May 29, 2009

Planet Hollywood

After a day of mostly lounging around the villa and pool time for crazy DS (it was 59 degrees ) we headed over to DTD.   First stop at the Happy Holidays set up at Marketplace:

Then a stop in the Christmas Shop so I could get a 2008 ornament.   I get a new ornament every time we come in December.   We walked slowly thru the Marketplace and a very sad/empty/depressing PI.    The only thing of interest was the drink stands (there are several).   Grey Goose Slushy was available and the other drink that caught my eye was the SoCo Hurricane. I love Hurricanes & I love Southern Comfort, so I’m thinking I’ll have to go back and try one. 

We walked up to Planet Hollywood without an Advanced Dining Reservation and were told to walk right in.   Had the required picture taken and then we were seated within minutes.   Our waitress for the evening was Amber, she was nice but not the brightest bulb if ya know what I mean.   I know Planet Hollywood gets a bad rap,   but we’ve eaten here several times now without a bad experience.    Experience is what told us to skip the appetizers so we would have room for dinner & dessert.

DH had his favorite, the LA Lasagna.   From allears: A California twist to a classic lasagna! Fresh pasta tubes filled with ricotta cheese and bolognese meat sauce fried to a golden brown and covered with garlic cream sauce and tomato basil sauce.
I can’t imagine anyone in LA eating this;  sounds like more of a Southern food.   We like our food rich & fried 

DH did share a little with me and it was really good! Crisp/crunchy outside and really rich inside. I like heavy rich foods, but I don’t think I could eat a whole order of it. DH really enjoyed it. 

After asking Amber’s opinion on a few choices, I went with the Crab Cakes, served with mashed potatoes & fresh vegetables.

The crab cakes were smaller than I expected, but they were full of crab meat with very little filler and the outside had a nice breading that was very crunchy.
Not half eaten, cut open to show all the crab meat.

Mashed potatoes were good, veggies were good. Broccoli was just right and the zuchini & squash were very good. I shared with DH and he was thrilled that they weren’t over seasoned, that you could actually taste the squash & zuchini. Crisp, not squishy, perfectly cooked.

DS is an 11 year old boy who really likes his pizza. He orders it at Planet Hollywood everytime and loves it.

Very cheesey and quite large.   He was a happy boy! 

DD wasn’t very hungry so she ordered the potato skin appy.

Not much to say about these, they were potato skins. They were good skins but nothing amazing.

We like dessert here, as a matter of fact DS had to ask our waitress before we ordered if his favorite dessert was still available.   I think we would have left if it wasn’t.

DS & DH shared the Banana Split Creme Brulee

It’s creme brulee on the bottom covered with a banana split!  They ate every last bite, so I’m pretty sure it was good! 

DD & I shared the Double Chocolate Brownie Sundae

Huge Ghiradelli chocolate brownie with chocolate icecream & vanilla icecream, chocolate sauce and more whipped cream than you can imagine topped with shaved chocolate & a cherry …. I love chocolate, I mean LOVE chocolate! So this is perfect for me!!!  DD & I finished this and enjoyed every single bite! 

Total for the meal after DDE/TiW discount was $88.52

It wasn’t a gourmet meal, but it really hit the spot and everyone was full & happy afterwards.

It was a bit chilly out after dinner, so we headed to the bus stop instead of stopping for a drink.   I’ll try to get back over there for that SoCo Hurricane later this week.

DD started started feeling blah again before bed and unfortunately I woke up with the upset tummy and DH woke up with the chills/fever/muscle aches.   I’m feeling better now, DH is getting there slowly and DD is hibernating in her room so who knows.   This is where I say Thank goodness for DVC!   I am so glad that we’re in a 2BR villa with lots of room to spread out (and 2 bathrooms )

Plan for today is to eventually head out to AK for the afternoon & evening EMH. I’m sure we’ll have Flame Tree BBQ at some point today and who knows what else.


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