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Wonder of Wonders here I come

Posted on: June 1, 2009

I am so dedicated to my career and clients that I am going on a cruise for them.  How funny does that sound?  I know it sounds pretty funny, but it’s also very true.  It’s also one of the coolest parts of the job.  How does my going on a cruise help my clients?  That’s a fair question.  I’ll start now by telling you what I think it will do and when I return; I’ll let you know the reality.

I think that I will better be able to help my clients plan their cruise, after experiencing it myself.  When it comes to planning, I find personal experience to be much more helpful than just reading a guide book  (that goes to why you should use a specialized travel agent, but that’s another post) .   These are just a few of the things that I’ll be able to tell my clients with 1st hand knowledge when I get back:

  • What should I pack?  What did I pack that I didn’t need and what do I wish I had brought?
  • Do I need a passport or should I have one even if I don’t need it? What are the new passport rules?
  • How are the cabins? Can you see/feel the difference between the different categories?  Is it worth paying for the ocean view? 
  • When will my documents arrive?
  • What should I know to make it easier and more relaxing?  

I’ve learned something already:  My cruise documents arrived on Friday 5/29 , I was worried because I leave for Florida Wednesday  morning 6/3  and that seemed to be cutting it pretty close.  I’ve learned that when the documents are supposed to be there 2 weeks before sailing, it may actaully be less than a week before.  

Next up: itinerary & packing


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