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Wonder of Wonders -part 5

Posted on: June 11, 2009

Unsure of how much time we’d need, we showered & dressed for our evenings entertainment.  “The Golden Mickey’s”  –“CELEBRATE THE MUSICAL HERITAGE OF WALT DISNEY IN THIS TOE-TAPPING TRIBUTE TO THE DISNEY STUDIO’S CLASSIC FILMS.  WITH SENSATIONAL STAGE PERFORMANCES OF OME OF THE MOST BELOVED DISNEY SONGS”–was at 6:15  and we had 2nd seating dinner at 8:15pm.  The show was wonderful!  Broadway style entertainment, but shorter length (for short attention spans).  We had plenty of time between the show and dinner to explore and check out some of the other entertainment options like: Jackpot Sapphire Bingo & Mickey Mania trivia, and Family Dance.  People were having fun everywhere I looked.

Tonights dinner was at Animator’s Palate.  Our server was Nino & assistand server was Victoria.  They were wonderful!  I was so glad that they would be with us the whole cruise.

I started with the Renisance Cocktail: Raspberry Vodka, triple sec, raspberry puree, lime juice and sparkling wine.  It was sweet & tart and quite enjoyable 🙂  Everything on the menu looked good, so I asked Nino for his recommendations and this is what I chose.  For an appetizer I had the Ahi Tuna Tartar with caviar, chives & wasabi cream.  The tuna was very fresh & clean and I loved the wasabi cream!  I skipped the soup & salad and went straight to the entree, the phyllo wrapped salmon with sun dried tomatoes, garlic cream cheese on fava beans and green pea ragout.  I asked Nino for te salmon to be served rare.  When it came it was cooked medium/medium well.  Nino came to me and told me that he had talked to the chef, but they weren’t able to cook the salmon rare because of the phyllo dough.  I appreciated that he told me that and it was really good.  There were so many delicious sounding dessert choices, that I just couldn’t decid what to pick.  I asked Nino for is recommendation again and he told me to get the 2 things that I couldn’t decide between and then I’d know which one I liked best, lol.  It seemed a little crazy, but I was just doing what I was told.  I got the double fudge chocolate cake with caramel-orange-chocolate sauce & the buckled warm apple crumble.  I love chocolate and the cake was good but I can’t say it was great.  I would’ve liked more flavor to come through.  The buckled warm apple crumble on the other hand, that was a winner! Yum!

Animator’s Palate was a really cool restaurant, but it didn’t really live up to my expectations.  I’m not sure if it was just that our table didn’t have a great view, but none of us at the table thought that the effects were as WOW as we expected them to be.  It might have just been a case of unreasonable expectations…… 



1 Response to "Wonder of Wonders -part 5"

Really enjoying reading about your cruise so far! We’ve never sailed on the Wonder so seeing everything through your eyes is a treat.

We like Animator’s Palate for the “show” but their food has always left us a little cold … not the best you can find on the Magic / Wonder in our opinion. I do think your seating location makes all the difference in the “wow” impact of the show.

Your drink sounds like something I’d like just fine!

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