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Wonder of Wonders -part 6

Posted on: June 13, 2009

I wish there was more to say about the rest of the night, but it was actually pretty boring.

We finished dinner around 10pm and since many of us had 1 or 2 (or more) drinks during the day they were starting to crash.  I was shocked, I thought we’d be hanging out in one of the clubs for the evening but apparently the travel the day before, the touring this morning and the drinks of the day had wiped out most of the group.  Those of us left standing wandered around, looking in on some of the evening entertainment and spent some time on deck just enjoying the nighttime view of the ocean.

We were in our cabin by midnight and asleep shortly thereafter only to be awoken during the middle of the night by some very loud thunder and amazing lightning.  I didn’t sleep much and was up by 5am but it was cool to see the storms out in the open water.

Room service arrived early (because most of our group had ordered it in order to have breakfast before our seminar).  Fruit was good & fresh, bagel was toasted nicely but only came with one little package of cream cheese.  I like cream cheese and wanted more but what are you gonna do…. Coffee was hot and fully leaded and that’s all that mattered.

We docked in Nassau around the time our training seminar was to start (8am)  Four hours later we were free to do as we pleased.  Some of our group had planned excursions to Nassau, some planned spa time on the ship.  I hadn’t fully decided what I wanted to do; I had thought about getting off the ship for a little while to check out the straw market but we were informed the night before that it today was a national holiday and all of the stores would be closed 😦  

Several of us decided to have lunch at Triton’s, since it wasn’t our dinner rotation, we had different servers.  They were a riot!  We were not the quiet group in the dining room that afternoon….. I’m not sure if we entertained them more or they entertained us but it ws a very very fun lunch! I started with a wonderful chilled jumbo shrimp cocktail with shrimp salad.  I could have just had the shrimp salad as an entree and would have been very happy.  For my entree I had a grilled tilapia that was wonderful!  Perfectly cooked and seasoned.

After lunch it seemed like the perfect time to head to the Cove Pool.  It was perfect until I got up there, stretched out to get some sun and it started to rain.  I toughed it out and it finally stopped raining, but it certainly wasn’t pool weather.  My roommate had signed up for the 3 day Rainforest Room pass and headed over there, I decided to go with and see if they had any day passes left.  Luck was on my side and for $15 I was able to enjoy the Rainforest Room for as long as I wanted/as many times as I wanted for the rest of the day.  The Rainforest Room is a wonderfully relaxing place.  There are heated mosaic tile loungers to relax on (oohhhh), 2 different steam rooms with different scents (citrus & eucalyptus are what I remember, they may be named differently), a dry sauna and several showers and ice for ice showers.  So soothing and relaxing, it was heaven!    I ran into several of the girls from my group in there who had just finished their massages and quite honestly I was as happy if not happier with my $15 experience as they were with their $125 massage package. 

When I left the spa, the sun was out!  I quickly jumped into the pool and just as quickly the sun disappered behind the clouds.  Apparently this was my signal to get ready for the evenings entertainment.


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