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Wonder of Wonders -part 8 Castaway Cay

Posted on: June 22, 2009

Awaking to the bright flash of lightning and boom of thunder I was a little worried about my upcoming day at Castaway Cay.  It was early yet, we hadn’t even pulled in so I held out hope for a nice day.

After we docked but before allowing anyone ashore, I started the morning by going up to Beach Blanket buffet by myself for breakfast.  Lots of yummy choices, and I tried most of them ;):  Egg McMuffin type sandwiches (with a slice of tomato), Mickey Waffles (cherry topping, chocolate sauce and whipped cream available), pastries, potatoes, and so much more.  As I got to the end of the line, I asked a CM where the coffee cups were.  He insisted on getting my coffee for me and on taking my tray for me.  He asked where I’d like to sit and I jokingly told him “somewhere dry with a pretty view” –there are outdoor tables and it was still wet out.  I would have been happy most anywhere, but he found me a great table with a view of the family beach on Castaway Cay.  I really would have been fine carrying my own tray, but loved the service!   Food was great!  Loved the cherries on the waffle and the tomato on the egg muffin.  Coffee was Nescrape, but what’s a girl gonna do, gotta have something to start the day.

Castaway Cay is Disney’s own private island and I wish it was mine!   It was raining and dreary when I walked off the ship but Castaway Cay was still amazing.     I started my own little tour of the island by walking past the Post Office (anyone know the name of the postmaster?  check the trivia area for the answer)   along to the snorkeling lagoon where a few brave souls were snorkeling in the rain.  I continued on and checked out the Family Beach and the Sports beach.  It was still drizzling, so the beach was pretty quiet.  I did see a cute little guy having fun playing soccer on the sports beach.  Next stop on my walk was Grouper Game Pavillion.  This is where you’ll find ping pong tables, billiards, basketball and other games to play–by the way, they’re all free!    If you go past the pavillion & sting ray adventure area you’ll come to the Teen Beach.  Yep, the teens get their own beach.  I did not see it, because only teens & CM’s are allowed but I hear it’s pretty cool.  I just continued to walk along in the rain, enjoying my time alone on this beautiful island.  The plants & flowers were all gorgeous!  I only wish I had been with someone that could tell me what some of the things I saw were.  The last part of my walk was along the former airstrip on the island.  If you’re ever flying above, you’ll know this is Disney’s island because it says “Castaway Cay” along the runway.  I finally made it to the most heavenly place, Serenity Bay Beach.  Why is it so serene?  It’s the exclusive beach area for Adults 18 & older!    I had done my research on the walk out, checked out the family areas & now was looking forward to laying out in the sun on a quiet beach.  The beach was quiet, the sun was a little reluctant to shine but eventually came out and it was perfect!  Clear water, shells & sea life every where you looked.  Brightly colored fish, huge conch shells (with the conch inside), sand dollars and even live starfish.  After walking the beach and checking out the water, it was time to lay out and  have a frozen beverage delivered.   They come to your beach chair, take your order and deliver wonderful concoctions, it really doesn’t get much better than that!  Then you realize that you’re getting hungry….your food is still covered on the island.  There is a big cookout at Cookie’s BBQ (next to family beach) and for the adults, there’s a cookout at Serenity Bay.  We enjoyed steak, burgers, grilled chicken, mahi mahi, ribs, salads, and desserts.  I heard great reviews of the ribs & mahi mahi, I loved the steak it was cooked perfectly.  The salads; a greek  tomato,olive & feta salad was to die for!  SO GOOD!  Of course, desserts were pretty good to….soft serve ice cream, chocolate chip cookies, yum!  —–I believe the “menu” is slightly different at Cookie’s BBQ, no steak or fish, more kid friendly sides.

This little island has something for everyone!  Families can spend time together or the kids can go to Scuttles Cove, (the kids program area) and teens off to their beach while Mom & Dad can get a massage in a beachside cabana at Serenity Bay.   There are excursions ($) and activities (free) for everyone including a 5k run, Character meet & greets, family whale dig, hula dance and so much more.  There is shopping available at:  She Sells Sea Shells & Everything else–Castaway Cay logo merchandise and at Bahamian Retail featuring Bahamian Arts & Crafts. 

I was a little sad leaving this heavenly little island but I look forward to going back someday!


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