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Wonder of Wonders -part 9

Posted on: June 27, 2009

Pulled into Port Canaveral early in the morning, can really feel it in an AFT cabin when the Captain backs the ship in…..

What do you do on the last morning?  Well, since I had 2nd dinner seating, that meant 2nd seating for breakfast today.  We were told that wherever we had dined for dinner the night before is where we were to go for breakfast and our waitstaff would be with us again.  I was up and ready way too early for breakfast so I spent a lot of time wandering around the ship, taking more pictures and people watching. 

I joined a fun group of girls for breakfast at Triton’s.  I had a wonderful omelet, bagel that wasn’t hot and again only 1 cube of cream cheese, pastries & coffee.  Service was wonderful again, and I loved having had them for the whole cruise! 

We all split up after breakfast and headed out, some to the airport for their flights home and the rest of us to Disney World.  I had figured I would meet up with everyone after going through customs, but they moved us through so quickly that didn’t happen.  When you leave the ship, you hold all of your paperwork and as you go through they look at what they need.  First it’s your room key, swipe it and it updates that you have left the ship, then you go down an escalotor in the terminal to where your luggage is waiting.  There are Porter’s waiting at the bottom of the escalator, ready to help.  I was thrilled for the help, and my Porter asked about my luggage tags (Orange Goofy).  That’s how they seperate the luggage, makes it really easy to find!  He grabbed my bags, and led me to the line for Customs.  I handed the customs agent my delcaration, she asked the purpose of my trip, and then waved me through.  I was shocked at how easy it was!  My Porter led me outside, and got me set up for my ride back to Disney World.  If it took 10 minutes to get off the ship, I’d be shocked.  My only disappointment was that I didn’t get to go back on a DCL Bus.  I was put on a Mears shuttle van, that ended up being full.  The driver was nice, but the ride wasn’t as comfy as the bus and no videos to watch 😦     

Last stop was of course Animal Kingdom Lodge.  I gathered all of my bags, which was more than I came with…..Ran down to Mara to buy some Zebra Domes to take home to the family and then waited for the Valet to pull my truck up for me. 

It wasn’t a direct drive home, thanks to some advice from 2 of my new friends on the cruise.   I stopped at the Disney Outlet in Orlando–a lot of good deals!  Then stopped at the Disney Outlet in St. Augustine–good deals here as well!   After that, the drive was slow because the rain wasn’t done with me yet.  Torrential downpours along the way that brought traffic to a standstill in Jacksonville FL, GA & again in SC.  It was a very long/slow drive home and I finally got there around 10pm.


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