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Posted on: July 12, 2009

When the alarm goes off at 3:30 am, all you want to do is throw it at something –perhaps the spouse that set it for that ungodly hour?!?!?!  Started brewing the coffee and hopped in the shower.  Finished loading the truck, drank a cup of coffee and then woke the kids up just enough to lead them to the truck.  Pulled out of the driveway at 4:15 am.

Drive flew by and we checked in at the Beach Club Villas around 12:30.  Wonderful CM that checked us in found us a villa that was ready; pool & canal view, and gave us our Anniversary buttons.  We were unpacked and settled in in no time flat but people were starting to get grumpy; why?  Oh, we had breakfast at Mickey D’s at 6:30am and it was now 1:30pm.  Time for lunch!  Off to Beaches and Cream, where we were told it would be a 1/2 hour or maybe sooner.  Our luck continued and we were seated at the counter after only a 10 minute wait!  While we enjoyed (devoured) our burgers (hamburger for Meg & I, bacon cheeseburgers for the boys) we watched 2 Kitchen Sinks get made, along with several No Way Joses and kid sundaes with oreos.  As always, the burgers were incredible!  Very juicy fresh made patties, with toasted buns, lettuce tomato & onion.  YUM!  French fries were crisp on the outside and soft on the inside; seasoned very well.  The onion rings were very good, not greasy at all.  No room or time for ice cream now, but we’ll be back!

It was time to relax at the pool.  The Beach Club’s pool Stormalong Bay is different from most pools you’ve ever seen.  First of all, it’s HUGE!  Ok, you’ve seen big pools before but did they have sand bottoms and zero entry?  What about a section with a lazy river?  A really cool pool slide that you get on by climbing a pirate ship.   There’s also activities and games near the pool, including hula hoop contests and dancing led by the life guard team.  Did I mention Hurrican Hanna’s?  Wonderful poolside drinks (I recommend the Captains Mai Tai with floater!) and food.

We spent the evening at Epcot.  First adventure was a Kim Possible mission.  We picked up our Kimmunicators in Norway, followed the directions and clues sent to us by Wade, KP & Ron Stoppable and helped save the day.  It’s all very “secret secret” so I can’t say anymore than that 😉  –other than to say that this is a FREE activity that the whole family can do together or the kids can do on their own.  Very fun!

Of course while we were in Norway we took a quick ride on Maelstrom and then we wandered the world in search of food.  It was after 7pm and we were getting hungry.  We decided that we were going to share Counter Service meals from around the world, that way we could try a bunch of stuff.  First stop was Japan where we got the Tonosama Combination– teriyaki chicken thigh, sukiyaki beef, mixed vegetable tempura with shrimp and steamed rice.  It was pretty good, I like the teriyaki sauce, the beef was good but kind of salty; the tempura shrimp was OK.  It was pretty bland but ok.  Next stop for food was a pretzel in Germany for Jason, it was huge and he loved every bite of it!  We continued our stroll around the world and stopped in Morocco for food at Tangeriene Cafe. YUM YUM YUM! We got the Mediteranean Sliders Combo– three pita pockets – lamb, chicken and falafel with lettuce, tomatoes, onions, cucumber and Tahini sauce served with Lentils, Hummus and Tabouleh.  It may seem a little pricey at $13.95 but it was worth every penny and there was a lot of food on the plate.  The pitas were excellent!  The lamb & chicken were both cooked perfectly!  The falafel was excellent; crispy but not over cooked.  I’m not a lentils fan, but they were good and the hummus was very good.  The best was the tabouleh, it was wonderful! 

 After enjoying our food around the world, we sampled a few beverages.  I had a glass of the wonderful Moet & Chandon Imperial champagne and Jon had the Vouvray wine, both from France.  We watched Illuminations and then headed back to the Beach Club.  The kids stopped at the Marketplace to get something to eat and Jon & I went to Martha’s Vineyard to sit for awhile.  Jon had a glass of Port and I had a chocolate coffee martini (that didn’t have any coffee in it).  Very good!

It had been such a long day we thought (hoped) that the kids would be asleep but of course they weren’t.  We decided to run down to the hot tub for a little bit.  After a nice soak, everyone was relaxed and ready to sleep.

It was a long but fun day! 


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