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Magic Kingdom -the 2nd time around

Posted on: July 22, 2009

 We walk into the park quickly make our way to our 1st and most important destination of the day: Harmony Barber Shop.  There was a little bit of a wait, so Jon & Jason stayed there while Meg & I went to grab Fast Passes and something to eat. 

We checked the time board and everything was under 30, most 20 minutes or less.  Since we had missed Jungle Cruise last night we decided to get FP’s for that (and it has a line that can get very hot), grabbed the FP’s, did some “window” shopping in Adventureland–saw some really cute sundresses and good prices.  Now it was time for food and we were looking for a breakfasty snack….hello Main Street Bakery!

You can smell the yumminess from Main Street, walk thru the door and it’s heaven!  They make the best cinnamon rolls!  They’re huge, soft & doughy with lots of cinnamon and gobs of YUMMY YUMMY YUMMY icing!  My only other request had been the french toast loaf, but sadly they haven’t brought it back yet.  I keep hoping that if everyone asks for it enough, they’ll put it back on the menu….We ordered 2 cinnamon rolls and a couple of drinks and headed back to the barber shop with our morning snack.  Meg & I sat on a bench outside the barber shop and shared 1 cinnamon roll, leaving the other one for the boys.  While we ate, we saw them hook up one of the horses to the Trolley and take it out.  Very cool!  We saw several little ones come out of the shop after getting their 1st hair cut.  The moms had the certificates and the hair clipping along with the special Mickey ears; and they looked so happy.  Then my child came out, Mr Purple Mohawk.  Yep, a purple mohawk- real not faux.  Last year he did blue, this year purple for his school colors.  He was very happy and loved all of the attention the rest of the day!  The boys sat down and ate their cinnamon roll and then we lucked out and the Dapper Dans barber shop quartet.  These guys are great, and put on a good show.  After enjoying a song, we headed over to Jungle Cruise because it was time for our Fast Passes.

We had a strange experience on JC this time, we got to the front of the line and they asked “how many in your party”. I said 4 and she split us 2 & 2.  Ok, that’s fine but when they loaded the boat Meg & I got on but Jon & Jason got held to the next boat.  It wasn’t a big deal, but I was a little annoyed until our Skipper Samantha got started and then all was good.  It is one of the silliest/lamest/corniest rides around and it’s still one of my all time favorites.  I can’t help it, I love the corny jokes.

After Jungle Cruise we went to see the Monsters Inc. Laugh Factory (our other requirement of the day).  Very funny and interactive.  Before you go, think of some good jokes.  When you’re in line you’ll get directons on how to text a joke in for the show, and they use some of them.   We all laughed a lot and then it was time to leave and/or get some lunch.

It was an awkward time, 1:30 ish and we had dinner plans at Hollywood Brown Derby at 6:15pm.  This was the dinner we were most looking forward to so we didn’t want to be full from a late lunch; but we didn’t want anyone to “crash” and be grumpy & sick.  We stopped at City Hall to see if we could change the time of our dinner reservation, but they didn’t have any other times available.  We considered a few other ideas (snack at one of the monorail resorts, etc) and then decided to see if we could get into Tony’s Town Square Restaurant.  This was kind of shocking, we walked up and were seated within 10 minutes!  This was also a 1st for me, I’ve been to most of the Disney restaurants but this was my first time here.

The restaurant is really pretty, in the waiting area there are velvet covered chairs and a TV showing ‘Lady & The Tramp’ of course!  We were seated in the solarium (sun room).  It was very pretty, very bright & a tad warm.  We were happy when some cloud cover came over.  We all ordered different things (hoping to taste all of them).  Since flatbreads were on the menu, Jason asked if he could get a cheese flatbread and was told they’d take care of it 🙂  Megan went with the Spaghetti & Meatballs (just seemed like the right choice), Jon had the meatball submarine sandwich and I got the eggplant catasta (stacked layers of eggplant, carmelized onions, mozzerella, parmesan & marinara sauce served over penne pasta).  Jason devoured his flatbread, declaring the best.  Meg loved her spaghetti & meatballs and could not finish the whole plate.  The meatball sub was great and had wonderful sweet carmelized onion on it, it was very messy but very good!  The eggplant catasta was wonderful!  I was very happy with it, the eggplant was crisp but tender (not chewy) the onions were sweet as can be and the sauce was delicious.  I couldn’t finish it, but there wasn’t enough for leftovers.  I’m really happy that we tried Tony’s and it was excellent!  It was also a pretty good value, all lunch entrees were under $17.

Time to head back to the villa and rest for a bit before going back to the Studios for evening EMH.


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