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Magic Kingdom again?

Posted on: July 29, 2009

In the past the Magic Kingdom was –hold on to your hats– not our favorite park.  I know, I can hear the gasps of shock.  When the kids were little, the Studios had the characters the kids knew.  Magic Kingdom had Tweetle Dee & Tweedle Dum.  Now that they’re teens/tweens and like to stay up late, we’ve found ourselves spending more time at the Magic Kingdom enjoying the late hours at the park.  Tonight is our 3rd trip to the Magic Kingdom this week.

After the kids left us at Epcot they stopped at the Polyensian Resort and grabbed their dinner at Captain Cooks.  Both had flatbreads – Hawaiian for Meg & cheese for Jason and really liked them.  They love using the kiosk to order because it’s quick & easy.  In no time at all they were back on the monorail headed to the Magic Kingdom.

Jon & I caught a bus from the Beach Club to the Magic Kingdom.   There were four women on the bus already and after we pulled away from the Beach Club they asked the bus driver what the easiest way to get to Epcot would be, because they had been waiting at the Yacht Club for an Epcot bus for over 30 minutes and gave up.  They had decided it would be easier to take a MK bus and then monorail to Epcot.  The poor bus driver didn’t seem to have the heart to tell them that they could & should have walked or taken a Friendship to Epcot from the Yacht Club; that there is no bus to Epcot from the Yacht & Beach Club.  If they had asked when they got on the bus, it would have been simple to have them get off at the Beach Club, but it was too late now.  I would guess that they were lucky if they got to Epcot by 9:30pm.

We arrived at Magic Kingdom just after 9pm and got caught in the SpectroMagic crowds.  It was not pleasant!  Jon & I ended up going thru Tomorrowland to avoid the crowds.  As we went thru Stroller land we rode Snow Whites Scary Adventure.  I remember it making Megan scared when she was little, but I just find it funny.  We made our way to Big Thunder Mountain Railroad, got fast passes and then went over to Pirates.  Walked on Pirates and Jungle Cruise, went back to BTMR and used our fast passes.  We managed to ride just about everything except for Splash Mountain, which broke right before we got in line.  We joined up with the kids, and made our way back to Fantasyland where we stopped for Jason to ride Teacups & me to ride Pooh Bear 🙂 

Maybe because it was late, I don’t know, we decided to go to Mickey’s Toontown Fair and  ride Goofy’s Barnstormer.   This had been Jason’s 1st “rollercoaster” when he was little, and I hadn’t been on it since.  It takes longer to walk through the queue than the ride –which is all of 38 seconds.  Early in the morning,  (way back  in the Epcot blog), Jason had decided to have his picture taken with as many princesses as possible, so he and Jon ran into the Toontown Hall of Fame to see if they could catch them before they left.  Meg & I sat and rested our tired feet and a little while later the guys came out smiling.  They had a great experience and recomend that anyone that wants pictures with princesses or fairie should come here. There is a Princess line and a Fairy line.  Some of the things they liked: it’s inside (air conditioning), there are benches along the way, each Princess has her own “tent” and you get some 1 on 1 time to visit with her.   It was around midnight and he got his picture with Belle, Aurora & Cinderella!

Calling it a successful night, we headed out and managed to catch a bus right away. 


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