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Just back from Disney World & Universal Studios Orlando

Posted on: June 29, 2010

Wow, that was an exhausting week, but it was fun and really exciting!  I was able to go to the Wizarding World of Harry Potter during the opening week, go to both Universal parks, check out a new (to me) resort, and all 4 parks at Disney World.  I’m ready for a vacation from my vacation 😉  I have lot’s of stories & pictures to share.  I’ll be writing separate posts for different parts of the trip, and will have some “guest posts” to give everyone a different perspective.  Please if you have any questions, drop me a note.  I love to get feedback!

Today I’ll keep it short.  I just want to remind everyone that it really gets hot in Florida during the summer and you can’t underestimate how that will affect your trip.  Dehydration happens much faster than you would think possible and heat exhaustion and heat stroke aren’t to be messed with.  I learned a great lesson from Fairy Godmother many years ago and it’s really true; if you notice that your princess or prince has gotten grumpy at the happiest place on earth; they’re already dehydrated.   Grumpiness is a BIG sign of dehydration, followed by lethargy & the blahs.  They may not even think they’re thirsty.  Get them to drink something, anything.   Take bottles of water into the parks with you (it’s fine, Disney allows it), refill them throughout the day using the water fountains.  Now, I’ll admit Florida/Disney/Orlando water sometimes tastes a little different than it does at home.   No problem!  The solution are those single serving packages of kool aid, gatorade, lemonade, etc.   1 little package into a 16 oz bottle of water and ta da, something yummy to drink that keeps you hydrated.   If you don’t have water bottles with you and don’t want to keep spending $$$ on water, sodas, etc; go to any quick service or snack location that has fountain beverages and ask for a cup of ice water.  Disney will give free cups of water if you ask, it’s not bottled water but it’s free and that ice cold water will taste just fine when you’re melting in the parks.

Take breaks from the heat, stay hydrated and you’ll have a fun & safe summer day at Disney.


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