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The Trip Begins

Allright, it’s Friday Dec 14th and the plan is to hit the road after DH gets home from work and hopefully get to the Jacksonville area for the night. It was an uneventful drive, just sat back and listened to our Dis Unplugged podcasts that we had been saving up. Made it to J’ville, stopped for the night and got back on the road around 9am Saturday.

10:30am and we’re here!!!! Drop our luggage with bell services and go to check in. Our room isn’t ready yet, so we head over to Epcot International Gateway to get our Annual Passes and then we start wandering around the world.   We played around a bit, got Test Track  Fast Passes, and then got our first meal on the DDP (Disney Dining Plan)  Counter Service at Electric Umbrealla.   I have to say I was really surprised, the food was really good and there was a lot of it! DH & DS (who was really hungry) got the Dbl Cheeseburger Combo, Coke & cookies, I got the chicken sandwich combo, coke & cookies, DD got the chicken strip combo, coke & cookies. Since there were 2 cookies in each package and we were pretty full, we each had a cookie and saved the rest for later. We went on Ellen’s Energy Adventure (45 minutes to rest, love that!) then Test Track. The excitement energy is wearing off and the travel is catching up with everyone so it’s time to head back to the Boardwalk Villas and see if our room is ready.

It’s about 3:45pm and we get our room #3093 almost at the end of the hall near the stairs. Everything looks great, the view is of the quiet pool & community hall. We get our luggage brought up and the DH & I tell the kids to relax, we’re going to get groceries. Ok, the kids don’t know, but back in late July/early Aug after making our ressies, I signed up for the Disboards DVC Tree Exchange. Because of scheduling changes with the trees, we had to go over to Disney’s Old Key West resort to pick up our Christmas tree. I called ahead and bell services was going to get the tree and have it ready for me. I get there, no tree.  Lavelle (OKW Bell Services) was fantastic, he looked & looked, then brought me & DH back into the storage room to look, then called the family on the tree that was in storage to see if they had gotten the wrong tree. In the end, we left with Lavelle promising to keep trying, but no tree.  On a whim, when we got back to Boardwalk Villas, I checked with Bell Services and there it was!!!  The previous family had it transferred over to BWV to make it easier for us, lol. Now all is right with the world and I get to surprise the kids with a Christmas tree and balcony lights for our stay.  We got the tree decorated, and hung the lights from the curtain rod so they could be plugged in while we were out of the room. If anyone saw the pink lights, that was us!

It’s time to head out for the meal we’ve been looking forward to for months: Hollywood Brown Derby. We have a 7:50pm ADR (Advanced Dining Reservation), and the park closes at 8pm.  The Friendships were out of synch & slow, but we made it. When we checked in, DD went to the desk and quietly asked if DS could get a phone call. This is something they do if you ask, and relates to the history of the restaurant, before the days of cell phones. We get seated almost immediately and hostess comes over to talk to DD. Normally they’ll seat you at a booth where the phone can be plugged in, but our table got assigned before the phone request went in, so DD is told they’ll do the best they can. We decided not to use the DDP with this meal because it is a 2TS  (Table Service credit) meal. We also have the Disney Dining Experience card and used that instead. We ordered the incredible Cobb Salad for 2. The kids didn’t bother with appetizers. The hostess came over to DS and told him that they had a “very important phone call” for him and would he please follow her to the phone. So off he went, looking a little tired and very confused!  Goofy was on the phone with him and asked him to meet later by the theater. The hostess then told DS that he must be very important, because she’s worked at Disney for a very long time and Goofy has never called her!!!  Now the salad came and disappeared pretty quickly.  Time to order dinner: DH & I both had the salmon, DD ordered the rotisserie chicken that she loves and DS ordered his hot dog off the kids menu. Here’s where DD starts to grow up, our waitress came back and apologized but they were out of the chicken. Now, DD has never been real adventurous but our waitress recommended the Roasted Hatfield Pork Rib Chop and said she would serve it with the sides that come with the chicken. DD agreed to try it and that was the best decision she’s made in a long time! I have never seen a pork chop like this, it was at least an 1 1/2 thick. She took the first bite and I swear it was one of those “priceless” commercials. I wish I had taken a picture! It was the most tender, delicious piece of meat, just like a fine filet. It melted on your tongue. DH & I each got a small bite, the rest she polished off like she had never eaten before. Oh Oh, she’s now developing a taste for fine food,  as if teenagers aren’t expensive enough?! Desserts were also fantastic, flourless chocolate torte for me, grapefruit cake for DH and pumpkin cheesecake for DD. DS had his favorite “Hidden Treasures”. What an amazing, outstanding meal. The food, the service, everything was excellent!   We left and took the walkway “home” to BWV. We were too full to be crowded onto the last boat of the night and needed to walk off dinner. There’s our room, I see the pink lights!

We had a great day. Tomorrow we’re off to Epcot, lunch at Le Cellier (another favorite) and then Dad & Jackie will be arriving in the afternoon. Time to sleep and get ready for a busy day.

Next up: Le Cellier and Dad’s arrival

Hi everyone! Welcome to my very first trip report

I hope that it’ll be entertaining & maybe informative, or at least gives you a little “Disney Fix” or maybe you just have a Dad you love, but drives you nuts

Trip: Dec 15th – 22nd, 2007  at Disney’s Boardwalk Villas

Cast of Characters:

Me: 36 happily married to the love of my life  who I met at Disney

My Husband (DH): 38 happily married to the love of his life  loves Disney almost as much as I do.

My Daughter (D14):  Teenage girl who makes sure her hair & makeup are done before going to the hot tub at 10pm  Not a morning person, but loves Disney!

My Son (DS10):  My baby, who grew up on this trip.

joining us for 5 days, (Sun December 16th – Fri December 21st) Dad & his wife Jackie.

Dad: 62, very active- more like ADHD  . He has a very short attention span, and can’t seem to stay still. He had back surgery this summer and is still limited in the things he can do, but that doesn’t stop him from wandering off.

Jackie: late 50’s. Great lady, she has been an excellent influence on my Dad. Loves to shop, eat, experience & enjoy.

A little Background:
DH & I met summer 1990 at Pleasure Island while I was on the Disney College Program and he was in the Navy stationed in Orlando for training. We married the next summer, with Mickey & Minnie as our cake topper. Honeymooned (before Disney Cruise Line existed) Premiere Cruise Lines Big Red Boat and Polynesian. We are a Disney family!  We’ve been going back to WDW for years and this summer we finally bought DVC. The promotion at the time was double developer points. So we have a lot of points to use and figured we would start with a Christmas trip. I’m not sure what possesed me (trying to use up points  ), but I decided to ask Dad if they would like to come with us and see what we love about Disney so much. They said yes, so I (we) started planning.

DH really, really, really, wanted to stay at Boardwalk. He’s always wanted to stay there, I usually get my way and stay at the Beach Club, but decided that he could have his choice this time. I tried to get a 2br at BWV, but could only get a 1br, so I booked that for us and a studio for Dad & Jackie at Saratoga Springs Resort. After thinking about it, that sounded better, a little bit of space would be good.

Then I made all the Advance Dining Reservations. Dad’s not a very adventurous eater (and doesn’t like to spend a lot of time or money eating) so I planned around that. I figured if DD would eat, then he would too. Although that changed as DD developed a bit of a palate on this trip

All that planning, and then 2 weeks before the trip I saw the holiday price increase for all the buffets  We spent hours looking at the Disney Dining Plan (DDP) and going over our old receipts trying to decide what to do. DS is a Disney adult, but all he was going to eat was kid meals (except for the buffets). We decided to pay for his kids meals out of pocket and use his table service credits for extra meals for the 3 of us. I called Dad and told him about the DDP, and that we were going to do it. He didn’t think they needed to spend $38 per person per day for food. I knew he didn’t get it, that (A) food at Disney is not cheap and (B) the rest of us wanted to eat nice meals, not just CS. Thankfully he gave the phone to Jackie, who knew a little about the DDP from her sister, and knew that it would be easier for my Dad to eat if it was prepaid. She said to sign them up  I knew I liked her! Of course now I need to rearrange some meals, but that was taken care of without a problem.

It was almost time to go! Gotta do laundry, pack, Christmas shopping, decorating, bake Christmas cookies. I was exhausted by the time we left, but it didn’t matter cuz we were going to Disney World!!!

Next up: It’s finally time to go!

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