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All packed up and truck loaded up, we checked out around 10 for a leisurely drive home with a few stops planned.

After my research  on the DIS, there was one place we needed to go after we check out.  Flamingo’s Cafe for fresh doughnuts. Wow! Small, simple place (could easily miss it even when looking for it) but yummy! You pick a glaze (chocolate, peanut butter, honey, raspberry……) and then pick a topping (sprinkles, nuts, coconut, m&m’s………) and then the guy goes in back, makes a fresh hot doughtnut, dips it in glaze & toppings. Steam escapes when you bite into it. Really good, and different from the standard doughnut shop.

After leaving the Island, we stopped at the outlets. Got some great deals at the Reebok outlet, Ambercrombie & Fitch, Holister (with a teen & tween, no way to avoid those stores) and for me, Harry & David outlet. Their famous pears had just come in, and were: buy one box get the 2nd half off!
Very successful time at the outlets! It was at least 3pm by the time we got on the road, stopped for a quick (not!) fast food lunch and got home around 7:30pm.

It was a good weekend! Really like the resort, but wish there was a little more to do, it’s very very quiet in the evenings. I’m sure it’s more active in the summer though. Community Hall was pretty quiet and most of the activities were $.

A few pictures from the trip:

Shadow’s paw prints in tile in villa

I can’t believe it’s over, final thoughts

Some random thoughts:

How is it that it takes forever to get to your trip, but then it’s over before you know it?

Dining Plan ’07 was great. It was a lot of food, but it opened up so many opportunities to try things that we otherwise wouldn’t have.   DD is still salivating over that pork chop at Brown Derby and when I ask DS what he wants to eat, his answer is Filet & Creme Brulee. 

I worried at the beginning about running out of snack credits, and Counter Service and tried to “save” them.  So learn from my mistakes, if you’re hungry or 1 person is hungry, let them eat.  You will not run out of credits and you won’t have to spend hours on your last day trying to figure out how to use them up.

Meeting other DISers and the tree swap were great moments of the trip. 

Surving the week with my dad thoughts:

I really tried to prepare Dad & Jackie for the trip, gave them all sorts of stuff to read, links to the Dis, allears (for menus) and the time/date of Samantha Brown’s new holiday special to watch before going. It may have helped a little, but they were still overwhelmed. They loved Samantha’s special but couldn’t believe how much “bigger” everything was in person.

I really am glad we took them with us.  It was great for them to have time with their grandkids, in such a special place and the kids loved being able to show them around and all of their favorite things. It was so much better than the few days they normally spend at our house each summer, when they go to the mall for awhile, and maybe a park and then they’re gone.  Dad is still talking about the trip and says they had a wonderful time and are so glad that they did it!   He is spoiled now though, he says he can’t imagine not going at Christmas time.   He loved the decorations and all of the special Christmas stuff, especially Candlelight Processional!

For those planning on taking parents/extra family with you, my advice is to plan, plan, plan and educate.
-We originally had a dinner planned in Norway, but after showing them the menu, Dad & Jackie said that it didn’t really appeal to them. Ok, we’ll go another time.
-Dad & Jackie have taken a few trips to Vegas and Jackie always gets blisters and throws her back out.  She listened when I told her we would be walking several miles a day and she needed good comfortable walking shoes, and she had no problems.
-ADHD Dad’s are still going to wander off and do what they want to do, tell yourself that’s fine take a deep breath and get a drink with a little umbrella.  It helps!

Thanks to all for reading and commenting. It was a really good trip and I loved sharing it with you!

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