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Pictures from Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort for Meg’s Sweet 16 Birthday Bash

Usually when I mention Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort, people look at me with confusion and surprise.  I think this resort is” Disney’s Best Kept Secret” and that very few people know it exists.   This was our 3rd time at Disney’s HHI Resort and our trip this time was a little different than previous trips.  This time we brought 5 teenage girls and our tween son and only stayed for 1 night for Megan’s Sweet 16 birthday party.   Yes, we drove down for only 1 night and it was the best decision we could have made! 

We wanted to do something special for Meg’s Sweet 16, but she didn’t want a big party.  We finally decided to take her & her 4 best friends to Hilton Head for a night.   After a call with a great Cast Member, we booked our 2 bedroom villa and started planning.  Megan knew of some plans, but the rest were a surprise.   One of our favorite things about the resort is the campfire.  Who doesn’t love singing silly campfire songs and eating s’mores?  Unfortunately when I called during the week to check on the scheduled activities, the campfire was scheduled for Friday night and Sunday night, but not on Saturday.  A few days later, Jon called back to put a few requests in: early check in & pool view (both were noted, but not guaranteed) and he asked if we could have our own campfire.  The call was transferred to the Rec dept, where Jon was told that we couldn’t hold our own fire for safety/liability issues, but they could schedule a private campfire for us as long as a Cast Member was available to work.  A little while later, I got the phone call that Brittany would be able to come in and do the campfire for us.  We decided to have it at 8:30pm, and I told them that the girls would love to be silly and of course we wanted s’mores.  Anything else was left up to Brittany to plan.  We felt bad that she was going to come into work just for our campfire, but we were assured that they love doing the fires and were happy to have an excuse 🙂

The Birthday Bash as it became known started Friday afternoon when the girls all came over.  An evening of pizza, high school football, movies & girl talk were followed by an early wake up for a 4 hour drive to Hilton Head Island.   The first surprise we gave the girls Friday night; matching T-shirts that said “Megan’s Sweet 16 Birthday Bash  Hilton Head Island 2009” and had each girls name on it as well. Just arrived

Saturday morning, the guys headed out about an hour before I left with the girls.  When Jon got to the resort at 11:30am, not only did we get our pool view; the villa was ready!  The boys had the villa decorated by the time I arrived with the girls.

Streamers & birthday balloons all over the villa

After unloading all the bags, we got lunch at Tide Me Over and then the girls took off for some pool time.  While they did their thing, Jon, Jason & I went over to the Beach House for awhile.  Played some ping pong, walked on the beach and relaxed.  On the way back we stopped at Big Murgies Den and ran into B’loue.  B’loue is a Cast Member who has been at the resort for a very long time!  We met him for the 1st time on our very first HHI vacation almost 5 years ago.  When we walked into the room he told us we looked familiar; we told him that he had done a magic trick involving a dollar bill with our daughter all those years ago and he remembered it immediately.  He told us that particular trick he always got a “dad” from the audience to participate but this one night a little girl in the audience jumped up, very proud to have a dollar bill in her pocket that he could use.  He couldn’t say no to her, so he had to improvise a bit and told us that to this day it is the only time he has done that trick without a “dad”.  We told him that we were back for that little girls sweet 16 and he was couldn’t believe it.  After chatting and catching up, he asked Jason if he liked card tricks.  Well Jason loves magic & card tricks, so B’loue spent about 20-30 minutes with him and taught him 3 new tricks.  It was a great afternoon!

We went back to the villa, I started getting dinner ready while the girls headed up to Big Murgies Den to hear B’loue tell ghost stories and legends of the Low Country.   One of the great thing about the villas is having the full kitchen.  I was able to make everything for a taco bar, room to server and a table for everyone to sit and eat.  After dinner, we all went down to relax in the hot tub for awhile and then got ready for the surprise campfire.

At 8:30pm we met Brittany at the campfire pit.   The fire was started and there was a chair with a bunch of balloons tied to it, a goody bag and a crown that said “it’s my birthday” waiting for Megan.  Brittany was great!  She got the girls involved and they sang and danced to silly campfire songs, laughing & giggling up a storm.  After they had “earned it”, it was time to make s’mores.  Normally, you get 1, maybe 2 s’mores.  Since this was a private party and there were only 8 of us, she told us to have as many as we wanted.  The girls and Jason were happy to oblige! 


The girls spent time playing ping pong and shuffleboard and then came back; ready to sing Happy Birthday and have birthday cheesecake.  They talked, ate and giggled until it was time for SNL and then they collapsed from exhaustion!

Sunday morning we got everyone up, packed and ready to go.  Everyone was hungry so we went down the road to Stacks.  We were there on the 1st trip and had a great breakfast then, so decided to try it again.  It couldn’t have been more perfect!  We didn’t expect entertainment with our food but we ended up with Mick as our server and our meal was a cross between the Jungle Cruise and 50’s PTC.  He was hillarious!  Even better, the food was excellent!    Jon & I both had one of the specialties of the house; the Low Country Omelet.  It was an omelet stuffed with lump crab meat and avocado slices, topped with hollandaise sauce.  YUM!  It was served with potatoes & pancakes.  The pancakes were amazing, because as we learned from Mick; Stacks grinds their own flour to make the pancakes.  The girls all enjoyed breakfast and then we headed over to the Beach House for a few hours.

The weather was absolutely beautiful!  Sunny and 80 degrees; it doesn’t get much better than that in November!  Disney’s HHI resort heats both pools to 84-86 degrees, so they’re comfortable to swim in  all year long.  The girls changed into their suits and took the plunge together!  We're all in this together

They played volleyball, and practiced cheerleading stunts and then it was time for the pinata.  There was a perfect spot to hang it from and lots of room for the girls to take a swing at it.  It took some work, but they finally broke through it 🙂   After the pinata we all headed down to the beach for a bit.  The sand was soft, the water was a bit cool but that didn’t stop the brave ones.  The rest practiced cheerleading jumps and stunts and played in the sand. The brave ones enjoying the surf

 Before we knew it, it was time to load up in the car for the drive home.  We all had a great time and I don’t think we could have planned a better party!  The girls are still talking about it and singing the campfire songs (Brittany, you were right; it’s stuck in our heads)

A little about the resort:  Located on Hilton Head Island in South Carolina is a beautiful Disney Vacation Club resort.  Not a Member?  Not a problem!  Rooms and villas are available for cash reservations to anyone.  The main resort is on its own little island –Longview Island- in Shelter Cove on the Broad Creek marsh side of the island.  This is where all of the villas and main lodge are.  There are several types of villas to choose from: studios, 1 bedroom villas, 2 bedroom villas and 3 bedroom grand villas.  Studios sleep up to 4 people and have a queen size bed and full size sofa sleeper along with a kitchenette.  The larger villas sleep 4, 8 or up to12 people, have full kitchens, washer & dryers in the room and living comfortable living rooms.  The grand villas are often booked by large groups or families for birthdays, reunions, and holiday get-togethers. 

Disney’s Hilton Head Island Resort is a great place to get away for a relaxing weekend or a weeklong vacation and it’s a great place to get a refill on Pixie Dust when Walt Disney World is just too far away.

Free public tennis courts:   Chaplin Park. Turn left out of the resort, and go 2 lights (at the Exxon station). Turn right and then a left into the parking lot for the courts. They were beautiful courts, and since DD plays on the HS tennis team, I’ve seen quite a few courts lately  these blew away a lot of the “club” courts that I’ve seen.

Directions to Frankie Bones from Disney’s HHI resort:  Turn left out of the resort and it’s in the Main St Village towards the north end of the island. It’s up in the Hilton Head Plantation area.

Directions to Flamingo’s Cafe:  Turn right out of the resort. Go towards Sea Pines, straight thru the traffic circle and turn left into the shopping center right before the Sea Pines guard gate. It’s in the shopping center with the Harris Teeter & Mellow Mushroom. Go past those, and Flamingo’s is on the far end of the shopping center next to the UPS shop. While they do the doughnuts in the morning, it’s also a Mediterranean Cafe for lunch and dinner.

Resort tips & notes: We really liked the pool side room, it wasn’t loud at all, then again it really wasn’t busy. We were able to pick up the Wi-Fi signal from the balcony and when the kids were down at the pool area, we could watch them or toss down the goggles they forgot.   We had a marsh view room (bldg 27) last time we were there, and it was nice but the bugs can be bad. I actually asked when we checked in how the bugs were and she said “they’re getting better, let’s put you in next to the pool” No problems at all with bugs there, and we often had the door open to the balcony.

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