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I can’t believe it’s over already.   All that time waiting & planning, and planning and waiting and now it’s over and time to plan the next one.

Cast of Characters for this trip: Dear Husband 39, Me 37, Dear Daughter 14 & Dear Son 11

We left home (Charlotte NC) Saturday June 7th, 2008 and drove down to Altamonte Springs Florida.  We’ve found an Embassy Suites there that is very nice, full hot buffet breakfast and only $115 a night. Plus it’s only a half hour to Disney on Sunday mornings.  We arrived at the Embassy Suites before dinner, allowing us time to relax, eat and play in the pool.

We drove over to Disney’s  Saratoga Springs Resort  on Sunday morning and checked in at 9:30am.  We got our request of the Grandstand, but not the building we wanted.  We had wanted the building overlooking the pool and backing up to the golf course. The Cast Member did look to move us,  but  the building by the bus stop was closed because of noise from the road work, so they were full at the other building.  It worked out just fine though.  Our room was ready, a dedicated 2BR, 1st floor with a courtyard and golf course view.  Room 9111.  It was perfectly clean, everything worked, nothing was broken. The only thing missing was the cable for the internet but that was brought down after we called about it.
The plan for the day is take it easy and relax. Magic Kingdom Extra Magic Hours till 2am tonight,and we plan to go in the late evening.
After unpacking and settling in we went to Artist’s Palette for lunch right at noon. No crowds, no line.  Got our food to go and went back to our room to enjoy.  As always, the food was excellent!

A little back story, DD had been fighting an Upper Respiratory Infection for about a week & half.  We’d taken her to the Minute Clinic the night before her final exam in Geometry and on Wednesday before the trip to her regular Dr. “Viral” is what we were told.  She was on cough medicine, an inhaler, zyrtec and motrin/tylenol for fever & throat pain.  She was feeling worse when we got to Florida on Saturday and even worse on Sunday.

After lunch, DD went to take a nap and DH, DS & I went to the main pool for the Welcome Home party.  DH & I had our books and drinks  and DS was off in the pool until the party games started.  They had a Hula Hoop contest (done by age group) DS is really good at hula hooping so he was very excited to join in this.  When they got to several people who were still going, they had them stop and add a 2nd hoop and then there were 3 left who added a third hoop.  Jason from North Carolina was the last one standing and recieved the new Pixar edition of Monopoly.  He was soooo excited! What a great way to start our vacation!

DD was feeling a little better after her nap, so after we all got ready we headed out for Magic Kingdom.  We waited almost 40 minutes for an MK bus, the people already at the bus stop said they had seen 3-4 of all the other busses.  In the end, they waited just over an hour. I might have thought they were exagerating, except that as we went to all the other stops, others were saying the exact same thing. The bus was packed, but we eventually made it to the Magic Kingdom.

We had decided to start the night in the back of the park. Debated getting Big Thunder Mountain Railroad or Splash Moutain  fast passes, decided to get BTMR.  Then went and got dinner at Columbia Harbor House.  First time there, thought it was pretty good.  DS said the new chicken nuggets were much better than the old strips, DD said they were fine.  After our dinner we walked on to Haunted Mansion, then made our way thru the Spectro crowds over to Splash Mountain but the wait was up to 50 minutes so we headed over to Adventureland.  Kids hopped on Flying Carpets as Wishes started. That was neat. As soon as they were done we went over to the Jungle Cruise.  I love the Jungle Cruise, I love every single corny joke.   Maybe because I had friends on the College Program that were Jungle Cruise Skippers, but it’s one of my favorites and my dear family only indulges me every couple of trips.  Pirates in undergoing refurb, so I get to go on Jungle Cruise.  nce Wishes is still going we’re able to walk right up and get on the next boat. Captain Sarah is great, and we play along with everything.  Now I have to say, the other group in our boat did not seem to get the jokes (or the point of the ride), that’s ok, I was having fun. Then something that I’ve never seen happen, we come up on another boat who’s captain yells over that there’s a boat in front of her that’s dead in the water. Yep, we got stuck on the Jungle Cruise.  Poor Captain Sarah, she said it was her first night and I’m sure it’s one she’ll never forget/  She went thru every joke she learned, then I tried to help by asking about the “local vegetation” So she was able to show us the “High”biscus and the “low”biscus.  The Captain of the boat in front of us started yelling out knock knock jokes to our boat and then moved on to singing “if you’re happy and you know it”   Boats are now backing up behind us and none of the radios seem to be working. I really wish I could have seen what was happening at the dock when there weren’t any boats showing up.   After a good half hour, they managed to get a boat out there to tow the dead boat back home and then we resumed our three hour tour (oops, sorry wrong story )

Crowds dropped significantly after Extra Magic Hours started and we were able to ride Splash & BTMR a couple of times with practically no wait.  We went over to Fantasy Land and DS & I rode the Tea Cups. DD was starting to crash, and not feel well at all.  She toughed it out, mainly because she’s 14 & stubborn and she was the one talking about staying at Magic Kingdom till 2am since park hours were released.  It was time for a snack so went and had Dole Whips (in honor of  Bawb–for those who listen to the DISunplugged podcast).
We moved over to Tomorrowland, rode the Wedway People Mover, Space Mountaintn & Buzz Lightyear Space Ranger Spin. We left the park just before 2am, got a bus no problem and were back to our room in no time flat.

All in all, a very good 1st day, Just wish DD would feel better.

Coaster boy strikes again!

Dad & Jackie want to do their own thing this morning.  That’s fine, we’ll meet in the United Kingdom at 1pm.  That should give us time to do “the world” before our 5:30pm Advanced Dining Reservation.

So we head to the Studios.  A few years ago, DS had a brave moment and wanted to ride Rockin Rollercoaster.  He wasn’t quite big enough, so the CM gave him a “Limo Pass” that said when he was tall enough to ride, bring the pass back for front of the line privileges.  We’ve brought the Limo Pass back several times, and he even tried to use it once but the ride broke down while we were waiting.  This time he’s going to use it!  DH grabs 4 fast passes (all of our tickets) for Tower of Terror  and then we walk over to Rockin Rollercoaster.  DD isn’t in the mood to ride, so the 3 of us head in.  The limo pass worked as a fast pass for our whole party.  Good thing the kid loves Aerosmith, the line is moving pretty fast.  Love the pre-show!  I haven’t been on this in years (usually sitting outside with DS)  Allright, want to ride with me?  I didn’t think so. —- 3,2,1 “Dude looks like a lady!”   Wow!  I’m singing and laughing (and hoping that my baby) is ok.   He’s never done corkscrews before … It’s over so fast, how’d he do? “Can we get in the single rider line?”   My baby isn’t a baby anymore.

Meet up with DD outside, and see the crowds in the street growing and moving this way.  She doesn’t really want to ride anything and decided to go to the room, maybe eat or catch up with my dad & Jackie. DH & DS go on what used to be their favorite ride, Tower of Terror.  I’ll just go sit and wait thank you very much.  I sat enjoying the sun, and had a great chat with a lady from Baltimore. It was really nice and before I knew it, the boys were back  and then they were gone to use the other 2 fast passes.   They really like Tower of Terro, I’m still thinking about it.   Maybe next trip I’ll be brave enough?   Now the boys are done, I say good bye to my new friend and head back to Rockin Rollercoaster.  The single rider line moved quick and the ride was even more fun this time.

12:30 already? Guess it’s time to head out of the Studios and make our way to Epcot.  OOH! Streetmoshpere! I love Streetmoshpere!   “The World’s most famous actress, Norma Desmond (?)” was needing a little attention, so DS posed for pictures with her.   Then we ran into “Jack Diamond, talent agent” and his assistant “Honey Darlin”.   “Jack” recognized DS’s talent immediately and then showed him some magic tricks.  That was so much fun!

— I have to stop and say that I know a lot of people don’t like the Studios, but it’s one of my favorite parks.  I suppose if you just rush from ride to ride you’re done in no time flat, but there’s so much to just “experience” here.  The Streetmoshphere characters and shows are hilarious.  We’re still quoting Honey Darlin a week later.  The detail on the shop windows, and all through the streets, the handprints outside GMR, there is so much to enjoy if you slow down to notice.–

Ooops, it’s almost 1 already. DD has picked up Counter Service  lunch for herself at Epcot and taken another ride on Test Track.  Now she’s catching up with Jackie & Dad (grandpa for her).

My plan is falling apart, and I don’t like that.  I like plans and schedules. We’re supposed to see World Showcase  & take a time out for the DVC Merry Mixer.  Deep breath, we’ll still have time to do everything.

Or maybe not. Dad Jackie & DD are already between Morocco & Japan!  We catch up only to find out that Dad & Jackie have spent the last few hours going through World Showcase themselves.  That was not the plan! DH grabs a quick lunch from Germany while DS & I get pretzels for lunch. We manage to finish just in time to catch the 3pm show at American Adventure.  Since they’ve already seen the rest of World Showcase (so they think, I’m pretty sure they missed a lot) we head towards the International Gateway to go out to the Merry Mixer.  Dad & Jackie are going to go with us, but at the last minute decide they need to stop in the World Traveler shop. Ok, we won’t be long.

This is our 1st trip as DVC members (Disney Vacation Club Members), and our 1st Merry Mixer. Outside the International Gateway, there is the party.  Music, dancing, games and sugar cookies that are unbelieveable. Pin trading, pictures with Mickey. It was pretty cool, but loud. Very loud. We didn’t stay long, got our ornaments and headed back into the park. Dad calls DH (again? I’m starting to get a complex!) He and Jackie are near The Land. They’ll meet us by the restaurant for dinner. Ok, we’ve got some time and the kids want to ride Test Track  again, so we walk over.  DH & I sit and rest d wait while the kids single rider line. Now, this is cool, as we’re sitting a guy comes up to me and says “So you listen to the DISunplugged?” I’m wearing my podsquad t-shirt that I won right before the trip We talked for a bit, about the show and our trips before he went back to find his family. How cool is that? Only in The World! The kids finish TT and we decide to cut through Mouse Gears on our way to the land. I look, and say hi to my dad Jackie likes to shop, so it wasn’t too surprising to find them there. So we wander through the store with them and then make our way to Garden Grill for our CLP package dinner.

Up next:I’ve waited years to see CLP

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