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This morning DH & I went to play golf at Golden Bear (got a great rate at last minute tee times) We left around 9am for a 10:04 tee time. Pretty course, not terribly difficult if you keep the ball in the fairway, but if you go in the rough  forget it!!!

Kids were still asleep when we left but they had big plans to check out the Beach House while we were gone. DS was very excited that he got to call the shuttle from the resort bus stop.  They both said the shuttle driver was wonderful.  The driver told them not to even wait the 30 minutes for a shuttle and to just call her when ever they were ready to go back to the resort .  They had fun looking for shells, collecting sea water for DD’s biology class.   Had lunch  there and came back to the villa to “chill”.

We all met back in the villa in the afternoon and went to the pool for a bit. Again, not busy at all. I had a very nice conversation with some United Kingdom Disney Vacation Club members while relaxing in the hot tub.

After showers/naps we headed out for dinner.  There are so many choices, that it was hard to decide, but we chose Frankie Bones. OMG it was wonderful! The description was an Italian-American restaurant & lounge with a Frank Sinatra Chicago/NY/Vegas feel. Big deep booths, dim lighting and very “cool” “hip” 50’s decor. Service was wonderful and the food, the food was incredible!  Bread came out with a sun-dried tomato flavored butter, yum. DH had the lobster mac & cheese with a 1 1/2 lbs of lobster in it, that was presented with the empty lobster shell (DS named him Bob   I had the Oscar Salmon which was sooooo good! DD had the Tuscan Filet, which was prepared perfectly. DS asked our waitress how big the kids pizza was and if he should get the adult pizza instead.  She told him it was the same size and to just get the kids one.  He ate the whole pizza, it was perfect size for him. Then there was dessert…..  The kids got the Creme Brulee but didn’t love the touch of Amaretto.   DH & I shared the nutty Irishman Ice Cream Cake. 3 layers of chocolate cake with Frangelico, Bailey’s & coffee ice cream between the layers. All covered in chocolate ganache.  Wonderful meal, I highly recommend this restaurant!

Completey stuffed, we headed back to the resort for the activity I had been waiting for for 4 years. It was campfire night.  On our 1 previous trip, it rained and cancelled the campfire for our trip, so I was really looking forward to this. The kids were down to the campfire pit early and DS answered the Cast Member’s trivia question, so he got to be the Bell Ringer and start the activities. There were a bunch of silly songs and DH may have looked at me a little strange as I was singing along.  What can I say, I was a Girl Scout. I’ve been singing these songs since I was 5 years old.  All of the kids and families seemed to be having a really good time (except when the smoke would blow in their eyes. It was pretty swirly all evening). When it was time to start roasting marshmallows for the s’mores, the Cast Members announced that DS & his family would be first in line since he was the bell ringer.  I told DH I didn’t think I could eat a s’more cuz I was still full from dinner, but it was a s’more, I couldn’t resist .  We spent the rest of the evening relaxing at the pool & hot tub and out on our deck .  The kids played a bit more table tennis & shuffleboard.

Our trip was almost over, we would be leaving in the morning.

Our last night at the World

All freshened up after our afternoon in the pool, we head over to the Beach Club Resort  for our dinner at Cape May’s Clam Bake.  Our ADR was for 6:50, but we went early and were seated within 15 minutes. While we waited we listened to a choir group perform in the lobby.

They were very good!  I love all the “extra” stuff Disney does during the Holidays!

Our server was Mary. I remember her name only because she has waited on us 3-4 times over the last 6 years. On our very 1st trip she taught DS to color on the mussel shells (after DH was done with them). I do miss the buckets they used to have for the clams & mussels, but they still tasted fantastic!  DD & DS made out just fine with the non-seafood options.  They had ribs, chicken w/pasta -from the adult buffet- and pizza, chicken strips, hot dogs & mac and cheese from the kiddie buffet.  DH & I enjoyed the clams, mussels, clam chowder, peel & eat shrimp and more that I can’t remember.  Of course we also had the oreo bon bons off the dessert buffet  and maybe a few other desserts.  After a very good dinner, we decided to go back to the room & change. The temps were dropping more than we had expected.  By the time we were ready to walk back out the door, DS decided he was just too tired to go anywhere and he just wanted to go to sleep.  We set up the beds (the kids don’t/won’t share a bed, so we had the sleeper sofa & a twin size aerobed in the living room) I gave DS my cell phone and told him to call us if he needed anything, then the 3 of us left to go watch Illuminations one more time, and see what else we were up to doing. It was Extra Magic Hours at Epcot that night.  It was strange having 3 of us, with DD as the 3rd.  Usually she’s the one off on her own, but DS looked like he’d be asleep before we got to the elevator. We made our way to Epcot and found a spot near Canada to watch Ilumminations.

As soon as it was over (so sad) we went to Canada to check out the new movie.  It had been on our “to do” list, but we hadn’t gotten to it until now. While we waited, we talked about calling DS and checking on him, but didn’t want to wake him up, so we head in to watch Martin Short tell us about Canada. Don’t you know that’s when the cell phone rings.  He’s fine, just wants to know what we’re doing.  We’ll call you back after the movie! Gotta say, this was a huge improvement over the old movie.   DD decides she’s just to cold & too tired to stay. She heads back to go “relax” in the hot tub.  Ok, we call DS back and he say’s great, he’ll put his suit on and wait for his sister.  DH & I decide to stay and walk around the World Showcase.  I don’t really know what possesed us, I’m so tired and my legs are killing me, but we go walk. From Canada we head towards Mexico. Stop in Norway to ride Maelstrom, then just wander for awhile. It’s so nice to just be a couple.   DS calls and asks where his sister is.  DH calls her, oh she had her suit on under her clothes and went straight to the hot tub!  Called DS back, he goes to meet her.  DH & I continue to walk (no other choice at this point!)  We get to check out the shops in Germany and Italy.   We slowly make it back to the International Gateway and catch a Friendship home. It’s midnight (somehow we did the whole EMH time we were so tired, we obviously weren’t moving fast)  Got back to the villa, and no children.  Call DD again and watch from our balcony as she got up to check her phone.    She wants to know if we’re gonna join them;  It’s 12:15am are you nuts??!! Oh my aching body. Ok, maybe the hot tub doesn’t sound too bad,  DS really should have gone to sleep hours ago, he’s babbling incoherent statements, but happy as can be.   After soaking for a little bit it’s time to go to bed. Gotta pack in the morning.  

Next up:check out and spend the day

Friday Fun

No sleeping in today, DH & I have a golf date this morning.   Amazingly the kids are showing signs of life, I really thought they’d sleep a bit longer.  That’s ok, it lets us lay down the ground rules with them. The last few trips we’ve let them wander/hang out around the resort while we played golf, this time, they’re getting a little more freedom.  Since DD has done so well, and we’re “next to” Epcot, we’re giving them the option to go to the park this morning. They must stay together, no fighting, and if either one wants to leave, they both leave.  It’s really amazing how much better they seem to get along, when we’re not around!

The valet pulls my truck around front and DH & I are off to play our “home course”, LBV (Lake Bueana Vista Golf Course at Saratoga Springs Resort). We had really wanted to play here in June, but they closed the course a couple of weeks before our trip to redo the greens & tee boxes.   So now we get to play on a brand new course. It’s a very pretty course, I wish my golf game matched it.  The cousre starts at Saratoga Springs Resort, winds thru Old Key West Resort and even comes up by Port Orleans Resort.

Let’s just say what little ability/talent I do have, seems to have been on vacation today.   The only good hole was the one I was most scared of.  There is a beautiful par 3, Island Green (#6 or 7) I have a mental block when it comes to water on the golf course, I usually tend to land in it.   Disney Magic time! I clear the water  ……….. and land in the sand trap short of the green  ……but the Disney Magic came back and I had a great shot out of the sand with a short putt for par. I don’t get many pars when I play, so this was a good hole!   

Shortly after this, the entire week caught up with me. OMG, I was so tired, so sore, so completely drained of energy. I don’t know how I made it through the rest of the round. The golf wasn’t pretty, but at least the course was. Here’s a view of Saratoga Springs Resort from the course:

It was a great morning; the weather was fantastic, the course was beautiful and the company was perfect.

The kids seemed to be having a good time. Throughout our golf round we got text messages and pictures of where they were. They rode Test Track (again) Mission Space Orange, Soarin’, Maelstrom & Grand Fiesta Tour (boat ride in Mexico, better but still not good) on their way back to Boardwalk Villas they stopped at the Beach Club and got themselves lunch at Hurricane Hannah’s, then hung out at BWV’s Community Hall.

We all met back at the room around 3:30pm and headed down to Luna pool. Today was our warmest day so I had promised we could go to the pool and they could tryout the Scary Clown Slide.  I managed to make it to the hot tub and hoped that a Captain’s Mai Tai would make me feel better … It helped a little .   DH & the kids tried out the slide and said it was “ok”. We were all surpised at how small the pool actually was, from the walkway & pictures it had looked bigger .  The Luna hot tub is bigger than the quiet pools’, but wasn’t as hot. It was more like a “warm tub”  which wasn’t all that enjoyable for me. 

Dad called to let me know they made it back home. Their flight had been delayed out of Sanford, so getting up so early was for nothing. Unfortunately Jackies cat was sick when they got home and a family friend has passed away so as soon as they got back, they were at the vet and the funeral home for the visitation.   Not the best way to end a vacation, but he said they had a wonderful time with us at Disney.

We all went back to the room to rest and change before dinner. Tonight we’re going back to Cape May Cafe, this time for their Clam Bake (yum!)

Next up: Our last night at the world

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