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Late nights and early mornings don’t go together in my family….. I’m not great at sleeping in, but Jon & the kids tried to catch up on some sleep.  We got a late(ish) start to the day and arrived at Epcot around 11:30.  Ready for lunch, we decided that Les Chefs de France sounded good and hopefully we could see Remy from Ratatouille.  We walked over to France, only to realize the restaurant doesn’t open until noon.  They did tell us that they had quite a few openings and that it shouldn’t be a problem to get a lunch ressie.   Great, but what do we do for the next half hour?  We walk back over towards the UK and go the the Kim Possible mission kiosk to sign up for our mission.  We were given a slip that told us to be in Norway at 12:45.  We were told it would be allright to be late since we were on our way to lunch first. 

Back to France and we stopped for a picture with Belle.  Jason decided to try to get his picture taken with all of the Princesses and stared with Belle.  Just after 12:00pm there was a line at Les Chefs de France.  Thankfully it wasn’t a problem and we were told we’d have a table in about 10 minutes.  Not even 10 minutes had passed when we were seated for lunch.  Most of us were excited about eating here for several reasons; Meg took French 1 & 2 freshman year and has 3 & 4 coming up this year, we had a very good meal here before and Remy is here during lunch!  Never in my life did I think I would get excited (in a good way) about a rat in a restaurant, but everything I’ve heard says this is gonna be good!

Before we ordered, Jon instructed our server to only speak in French to Megan so that she could practice.  It was a little awkward at first, but she relaxed as the meal went on and I think she got a lot out of it.  Now what are we going to eat?  Jason was starving and caught between the kid & adult menu.  He ended up trying the friand au fromage (cheese puff pastry) appetizer from the kids menu and the Mac & cheese from the adult menu.  The cheese puff pastry was good, but it was served way to0 hot.  Even after it had been cut open and sat there for a few minutes it was still too hot to taste the cheese.  By the time it had cooled enough to taste it, he had lost interest in it.  Megan went with the recommendation of our server and got the Crepes Basquaise – large crepe filled with smoke chicken strips, onions & peppers, grilled and served with a salad.  When the menu said “large crepe” it wasn’t kidding, this was huge and very filling.  I got a small bite and it was very good.  Jon & I both ordered off the Prix Fixe 3 course meal for $20.  Jon chose the lobster bisque, the Croque monsieur et sa salade verte – classic French toasted ham and cheese sandwich with a green salad and the creme brulee.  I chose the french onion soup, Quiche Lorraine & the profiteroles au chocolate.  Jon really liked his lobster bisque and it had large chuncks of lobster in it.  He loved his Croque monsieur.  The french onion soup was good, but like the cheese puff pastry it was too hot to enjoy or taste.  I had the same issue the last time I ate here.  The quiche made a very nice light lunch.  When it was time for desset, we looked at the menu and everything sounded good.  The kids ordered the crepe with cinnamon, apple, vanilla ice cream & caramel sauce and a chocolate cake with chocolate mousse, coconut ice cream and orange something (it’s not what’s the allears menu now).  These along with the profiteroles & creme brulee were shared by all of us.  They were all excellent!  The profiteroles are cream puffs stuffed with vanilla ice cream and covered with the most wonderful chocolate sauce.  I really considered licking it off the plate, it was that good!  Creme brulee had a nice crust with a light inside.  I don’t usually like creme brulee but this one I did.  The coconut ice cream was very light and refreshing, the cake with it was very good.  How do you go wrong with apples & ice cream in a crepe?  It was yummy and the caramel sauce was very good (but not as good as the chocolate sauce).

Now you’re sitting there thinking hmmmmm wasn’t Remy supposed to come by during lunch?  Well yes he did and he’s getting his own paragraph.  While we were eating, a woman came through the restaurant pushing a cart.  When she stops at your table, she lifts the lid and ta da, there’s Remy.  He moves and “talks” -Remy squeaks and his handler interprets.  This was amazing!  The imagineering that went into this is unbelieveable.  He looks at you and responds to what you say.  Remy wished us a Happy Anniversary when he saw our buttons and asked how many years we had been married. He spent a lot of time at our table and kept looking at Jason. His handler was ready to leave when Remy had a question for Jason.  Because Jason’s hair was “standing on end” and purple, Remy wanted to be sure that he hadn’t “frightened” him.  Remy explained that usually when people saw him and their hair stood up it was because they were scared.   Once Remy had been assured that Jason chose the purple hair and was not scared, Remy said Au Revoir and moved on to visit with other families.  All I can say is that this was just too cool!

After lunch we made our way around the World Showcase to Norway so we could start our Team Possible misson.  We checked in at the kiosk and our team leader Jason was given a “Kimmunicator” (aka a Verizon cell phone) and we were told to leave the area and then check for our assignment.   When you open the Kimmunicator you get a message from Wade, explaining how to use the Kimmunicator and then part one of the mission.  We followed directions and found our first location, got the next clue and moved on.  We were back and forth all over the Norway pavillion, even had to use a “secret code” with a cast member to get our next clue at one point.  Occasionally we would get messages from Kim and even Ron.  When we were done, we had the option of taking another mission or turning our Kimmunicator in to a secret drop box.  We went on to complete missions in Mexico, China (both with Jason, no Meg) and the United Kingdom (by ourselves).  This is a great way to spend time exploring the countries  and the technology is pretty darn cool.  Even Jon the techie was impressed, and that’s not easy to do!

During the day the kids dropped out one by one.  Meg went back for some pool & relaxation time, Jason stayed with us for awhile and we tried out some new exhibits at Innoventions.  The Waste Management exhibit/game is fantastic!  I admit, I thought it was going to be a waste of time but it was really well done and we all had fun.  The Great Piggy Bank Adventure was also fun and could help younger kids understand “saving” a little better. 

After Jason left, Jon & I finished up with a Kim Possible Mission in the UK, where we also tried some hard cider.  Jon bought a Woodpecker & Strongbow and had me try both to see which one I liked better.  They were both good, but I really liked the Strongbow.  We drank those while we finished Kim Possible and caught the end of the British Invasion performance.  Then we grabbed another Strongbow and  went to the American Garden theater to watch 52nd Street – a Billy Joel tribute band.  By the time we got to the theater, the kids had texted to tell us they were on their way back to Epcot.  I’m not sure what the kids did (think they went to the Land), but we had a great time at the show.  The band was great and it was a beautiful, but hot afternoon/evening.

We met up with the kids after the show and we went to Spaceship Earth, it’s just something that we always do.  The crowds were building at Epcot, Test Track had broken down, and there were no more fast passes for Soarin’.  We decided that we would go back to Magic Kingdom instead of staying for Epcot evening EMH.  The kids went out and took the monorail so they could get there fast and have dinner there.  Jon & I had really wanted the fish & chips at Harry Ramsden’s (UK counter service) so we walked back there, got our food and sat down in a garden in the UK and thourghly enjoyed our meal. 

Earlier in the day I had tried a Peach Snap in China, had my Strongbow in the UK, but a trip to Epcot is not complete without a Grand Marnier slushie.  We wandered over to France and got our slushies, and enjoyed every last little bit!  These are just too good!  Around 8pm we ran back to the villa to drop off a few things and then caught a bus to the Magic Kingdom to meet up with the kids.



Lot’s of eating scheduled, I hope Dad & Jackie find their way!

It’s now Monday morning, the first full day of the trip for Dad & Jackie. Oh, and it’s really cold! 38 degrees!!! I thought we were in Orlando, but apparently we were at the North Pole. Todays plan is to “show” dad the value of the DDP. Breakfast at Cape May Cafe (BC), day at Epcot and Les Chefs de France for dinner immediately followed by the holiday Illuminations.

I had watched the weather for weeks, up to the day we left and never were 30’s in the forecast, so all I packed were a few sweatshirts and a golf windbreaker for myself. Talked to Dad and told him that breakfast was at 10:20, so they should leave SSR by 9:20. Take a bus to the Studios and then get on the boat that we rode on yesterday to Boardwalk Villas and we’ll meet you there. Well, in their defense it had been really dark when we were on the boat Sunday and they were tired. At 10am Dad calls and says they can’t find the boat  they’ve looked all around in the park and can’t find it.  “Ok, Dad where are you now?  Outside the gate, good, facing the gate look to your right and you’ll see the boat dock.” OMG, it’s gonna be a long day!  We tell them to just stay on the boat till it gets to the beach club and we meet them there.   When they show up Dad is wearing a new hat, that he bought in the Studios that morning. Guess it’s a really good thing they got those park hoppers after all! Now the Beach Club is one of my favorite places, especially at holiday time. The gingerbread carousel with the chocolate horses is unbelieveable!

  It smells sooooo good! We check that out while waiting for our table (we were only about 10 minutes late). Breakfast is great, DS can eat a breakfast buffet like an adult with no problem, so he was very happy.  Dad & Jackie both loved all the food and then were surprised with the characters. Did I forget to mention that it’s a character breakfast?? Goofy coming up behind my dad was pretty funny! DD is not a morning person or a breakfast person and was very disappointed that the hashbrowns they used to serve weren’t on the buffet.  Her mood is slipping fast (as teenagers are known to do) so when she asked to go back to the room for awhile and meet up with us later it sounded like a good idea. So she got her 1st taste of freedom of the trip. She had her room key (with charging privileges) and her AP. Bye! The rest of us finished a very good breakfast and left feeling very full. Won’t be riding Mission Space anytime soon.

We walked over to Epcot and once inside, DH collected all the passes (except DD’s) and he & DS ran over to Soarin to get fp’s. Dad Jackie & I strolled through the World Traveller, and most of the shops in England and some of Canada. We then met up with DH & DS and headed over to Test Track & Mission Space.  Test Track had a long wait (shocking, I know) so we went to Mission Space.  DD called and was on her way to meet us, so I waited for her while DH, DS, Dad & Jackie went on Mission Space.  We decided it would be safer for dad to go on the green version. I waited for DD, who arrived just after the others went into Mission Space.  She loves Test Trace, so she took off to ride the single rider line real quick. Here I am, all by myself.   Oh well, I sit in the sun and try to stay warm.  DD is back from Test Trace and we’re still waiting on the rest of the group.  There they are!  Dad looks a little green, oops forgot that he’s very claustrophobic. He liked the ride, just not the capsule closing around him.   DH had warned Jackie to look straight ahead at all times, and she did fine. Thought it was pretty cool. Now we make our way to Innoventions, DS plays some robot building game that takes forever, Dad wanders off to who knows where, so Jackie, DD & I go see the house of tomorrow. Pretty cool, but doesn’t seem as groundbreaking as it has in the past. When we finish with the house, Dad, DH & DS are just walking by so we all head out and head to the Living Seas with Nemo.

DD is now hungry because she didn’t eat breakfast, so she & DH go to find a snack and will meet us in Living Seas. I see the clam shells only have a 5 minute wait, so we go in that way. It’s not a bad ride for a 5 minute wait. I know that Dad likes aquariums & animals, so I figured this would be right up his alley and it was. We saw the dolphins and the sharks and the manatee experiment and all sorts of fish.

Next up The Land. It’s not quite fast pass time so we go on Living with the Land.  I actually really like this. I love to garden, so to see all the stuff they grow and how they grow it is really neat. Everyone else enjoyed it too. Now it’s time to go Soarin! Jackie is getting a little nervous, but we tell her it’ll be ok and keep moving. Thank Goodness! They get off the ride and are glowing, gushing, raving about it .  It was so not what they expected and they were absolutely wowed! Now DH grabs all the passes again and goes across the park to get Test Track  fast passes. We’ve debated this quite a bit, whether dad could do it or not with his back and he decides to give it a try. While we wait for the fp’s we wander a bit, go thru Mouse Gears (love this store!) work our way up front and Yay! Space Ship Earth is open for previews (we did see it Sat, but had to go again). DS & I go 1st (he likes to ride with me to snuggle, thrill rides he goes with his daddy), DH & DD, then Dad & Jackie. Halfway up, Jackie yells to DH and asks “this isn’t a roller coaster, is it?” Nope, but that would be really cool! The update is good, but I miss the American boy “talking” to the girl in Japan scene. It’s getting to be a long day and certain people are starting to get grumpy. Do we go ride Test Track or back to the room to rest? I’m leaning towards the room, but DH doesn’t want to have to come back to Future World  later in the week for Test Track so we push through and go to TT.

I like Test Track, but don’t really consider it a thrill ride. Maybe it’s just that I’m in a car, going 60mph that my brain says “that’s slow compared to most days”   The “boys” rode in one car and the “girls” in another. Dad thought it was pretty cool and liked it. Jackie may have screamed a bit and yelled something about it being a roller coaster. I think it may have been more than she was expecting, but she was a really good sport about it. 

Now it’s time to go back to our room. That’s the great thing about staying at Boardwalk Villas, it’s right there.  Dad & Jackie came with us, we all stopped at the Bakery on the way to get a snack before our late dinner. Eclairs & cheesecake brownies are really yummy, and very rich. Most were finished for breakfast later in the week.

Resting is a good thing! By 7:30 we were warm and ready to go for our dinner in France at 8pm. Les Chefs de France is one of the few restaurants that we haven’t tried before, so we were really looking forward to it. This was also the reason we wanted Dad on the DDP because we knew he would look at the prices and say he wasn’t hungry. This is a really pretty place and the Christmas decorations were very nice. Our waitress was good, she seemed to be “playing” french (distant, snobby) more than the really was. DS had been practicing a few french phrases before the trip and he really won her over with that . Dad & I started with the french onion soup, very good. Too hot for me, but just the way Dad likes it. Jackie and DD tried the lobster bisque, it was ok. DD wasn’t impressed and decided that she just doesn’t like lobster. We told her not to judge lobster based on the soup, it was really bland and didn’t seem to have much lobster in it. DH got to have escargot. He liked it, I don’t do snails, but the garlic butter sauce was very good. DS wanting to be grown up decided to have the kids salad as his appy. It was a nice thought, but not for him.  I thought it was good though. DH, Dad & Jackie all the the filet of beef and liked it. Although DH said the filet at Le Cellier was much better. DD, who we thought would get her favorite food, roast chicken, decided trying new foods was pretty cool. She ordered the beef short ribs braised in Cabernet with polenta. She liked it, but didn’t finish it. The Cabernet was very strong, a little too much for her. The polenta was amazing, it was so smooth and creamy. Delicious! DD decided she really liked DH’s green beans (a green veggie? wow). I had the the sauteed scallops & black tiger shrimp with spinach flan and sorrel sauce. I cleaned my plate! I think I had the best meal of the night, the rest were good, buy mine was excellent. Of course with DDP we get dessert, and we were looking forward to it but it was getting late and we didn’t want to miss Illuminations. I had the profiterolles (yum) Dad & Jackie both had the chocolate torte w/banana & coconut (they liked it) DD & DH had the creme brulee, which DS also enjoyed.  We kindof rushed through our desserts and made it outside with a few minutes to spare. Now it was getting really cold again, especially after having been inside eating nice warm food. My family loves Illuminations, I have the CD, we know the music & words by heart, so we always sing along when we watch. It was really neat to watch Dad & Jackie though. This is their first time experiencing Disney fireworks. They were amazed! But it was so cold at that point that we didn’t really discuss it. We walked them part way through the park (to make sure they didn’t get lost) told them where to catch the bus and said see ya tomorrow!

Other than the transportation issue in the morning, and a little wandering off in Innoventions, it had been a pretty good day. I think they’re really enjoying it. I’m a little tired & stressed making sure everyone is happy (why do I try? It just drives me crazy ) Time to go warm up and rest. Tomorrow is the Christmas Party!

Next up: MVMCP

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