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Le Cellier and Dad’s arrival

The plan for today is Epcot in the morning, Le Cellier for lunch and meet Dad & Jackie when they arrive at Disney’s Saratoga Springs Resort in the afternoon to help them check in and get a feel for Disney transportation. Get Counter Service dinner and head to the Studios for Extra Magic Hours. Dad and Jackie were getting 4 day non-park hopper passes, so EMH would let them get the most park time for the 1st day of the tickets.

We love Epcot and tend to spend most of our time there on trips. So much so, that we tend to wander and I don’t always remember what we did when, because we’ve done it all so many times. I know we went on Soarin, and we asked to wait to ride center, top row. Wow! I love this ride anyways, but it was really cool to be all the way up with no feet above my head. And the oranges, ooh I love the smell of the oranges! I think we went to see Figment that morning too. We like to sing along through the ride, so if you heard us, sorry if we were out of tune.

We had an early lunch at Le Cellier in Canada.  This was one of the reasons we decided to do the Disney Dining Plan.  We almost always have lunch here and always want to get the filet, but then look at the prices and end up having the steak sandwich instead (which is very good, but not a filet) so we were really excited about this lunch. Our waitress was very good, helped DS customize his kids meal so he could have all the things he wanted and feel like he was having as much stuff as we were. DH, DD & I all had the same things until dessert time. Cheddar Cheese soup (YUM!), and the 5oz filet. DH had gone to the restroom and of course that’s when the food arrived. I waited for a minute, then decided I needed to make sure it was cooked right.   DD was again enjoying her fine dining experience and so that DS wouldn’t feel left out, I offered him a bite of mine. I told him to let it sit in his mouth a minute and then I saw that look on his face … My baby is growing up. He’s now decided that he really likes filet and that if his dad isn’t back in a minute, he’s gonna eat his filet!  Thankfully DH got back in time and didn’t lose out on his filet. We decided to all order different desserts so we could try as many as possible. DH had the creme brulee (which DS decided was his new favorite dessert), DD had the chocolate whiskey cake (very good) and even though I’m the chocoholic in the family, I had the apple crumble so we’d have something different to try. It was very good, but I’d have preferred the chocolate. It was a fantastic meal, and when DH saw the bill, he decided he really liked the DDP! 

I don’t remember what we did next, we were waiting to hear from Dad & Jackie. They were flying out of Lansing MI at 10:50am and were supposed to land at 1:15pm in Sanford, unfortunately they got a bunch of snow Saturday night in Lansing so their flight was delayed. They finally landed around 3pm and were taking a shuttle to Saratoga Springs Resort, so we left Epcot and headed over to Saratoga Springs Resort to meet them there. I have to explain here that Dad has only been to Disney twice in his life, one day at Magic Kingdom in 1983 and one day at Epcot in 1987. Same for Jackie, so they have no idea what to expect, I tried to tell them but until you see for yourself….

They made great time from Sanford and just after 4pm we met them in the lobby at Saratoga Springs Resort. I helped them check in, got their tickets put on the room key(they got park hoppers, that’ll come in handy later on), made sure the room request was there (it was), made sure the Disney Dining Plan was set (it was) and the Cast Member gave them 1st Trip buttons. All set, we take them to their room in Congress Park, I think they’re impressed (I hope so!) Now we show them the walk over to Down Town Disney, so they can learn where to catch the resort busses to meet us later in the week. We figured on Counter Service dinner here, we looked at Wolfgang Puck Express, then decided on Earl of Sandwich. Only problem is that my family isn’t hungry yet after that lunch at Le Cellier. So dad & Jackie eat while we watch and tell them about our trip so far and tonights plan. Now we catch a bus to our room at Boardwalk Villas and then a Friendship to the Studios, of course it’s dark now so they’re not really seeing much. It’s time to see the Osborne Lights, I’ve been looking forward to this for a long time. Wow! Dad & Jackie are amazed (ok, good start here) Did I mention Wow! So amazing, if you get the chance, go see this!

Now DS wants to go on one of his favorite rides, Star Tours. We decided that it was just too bumpy for Dad to go on with his back, but Jackie is a trooper and goes with the kids.  Jackie & the kids finish the ride, they had a good time even though Jackie gets motion sickness (I didn’t know! If I had , I would have told the kids to go alone). But she said she really enjoyed it.

It’s really starting to get cold and my family is finally getting hungry, so are Dad & Jackie. We went to the Commissary and all got Counter Service. It was ok, nothing special, not horrible (except for the burgers, they weren’t good).  We went and saw Muppet Vision (love that!) and then we went to the Great Movie Ride. We had heard the wait was an hour earlier, but it was down now. We walked right in, but waited in the movie room for a couple of rotations. This was the first of funny dad moments. After waiting through the pre show, when we were finally going in to the ride he says that the movie clips are good, but he can’t understand a 1 hour wait to see that.  Oh dad, that’s the pre-show, we’re going on the real ride now.   That he really enjoyed and thought was worth a wait, maybe not an hour, but worth a wait. It’s late now, and everyone is tired. We head out and explain where to catch the bus, and a quick explanation of how to catch a bus to the Studios in the morning and take the Friendship boat to Boardwalk Villas to meet us for our breakfast ADR.  Ok, they’re off to catch a bus, and we catch a boat. Not bad for the first day. I think they’re having fun (I tend to worry about things like that, a lot) now it’s time to  relax and go get warm. It’s really getting cold!

Next up:Lot’s of eating scheduled, I hope Dad & Jackie find their way


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