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The last day certainly did not start well .   Thankfully some Pixie Dust must have been thrown our way and it all turned out just fine.  The Manager at Saratoga Springs Resort that gave us the extra time in the room was great (even though we didn’t end up needing it).  DH was really sure that the prices at the Car Care Center would be ridiculous, but it was under $160 for everything. He said he couldn’t have done much better at home.

Funny story about the “missing” golf clubs, the morning we checked out I checked my email before packing up my laptop and saw that I had a voicmail at home from a (407) number –but I never remember how to check my home voicemail.  When we got home, it was from the pro-shop at Osprey Ridge telling us that they couldn’t send our clubs to the pro-shop at LBV so they sent them to bell services at Saratoga Springs Resort.   2 lessons learned: If our first & last name had been on the bag tags, they probably would’ve been easier to locate & always use your cell phone # as the contact #, so they can get ahold of you while you’re on vacation.

We had a good trip home. Everyone was getting hungry shortly after leaving so we stopped at a restaurant that I used to go to with my grandparents. We went to Toojays in Lake Mary (there are quite a few locations around Orlando) Really good deli! We ate till we were stuffed and then got back on the road for the trip home. We stopped a few times to stretch and were home around 9:30pm.

All in all it was a very good trip. DD finished the first round of antibiotics and did need to stay on them for another 5-6 days, but she finally recovered and is busy planning our December trip.

So sad when you wake up and have to load up to go home.

DH & I got our stuff packed up and I packed up the kitchen/living room stuff.  He was going to run up to the clubhouse/proshop  at Lake Buena Vista to see if our clubs had come back (there was some confusion about whether they could send them back to Lake Buena Vista from Osprey Ridge since the course was closed) UH-OH, he was back a lot faster than he could’ve driven to the clubhouse.   My truck didn’t start!   He called the front desk (I know, he really talked to someone in Oklahoma ) they sent someone over to jumpstart it.  Not a great way to start the day.   He then ran over to the clubhouse, and nope, no golf clubs.  A very nice lady at the pro shop said she would hunt them down and drop them off at our villa.  DH came back, locked the truck with it running and (thank goodness for free internet) looked up where to get a new battery.   He ended up going to the Car Care center on property. The car care center is running a diagnostic on my truck, the golf clubs are still missing and it’s now 10am, and we’re supposed to be out of the villa at 11! 

DS had finished his packing, so he took off to the arcade & Community Hall for a bit. DD finished her packing. I walk up to the Carriage House to see if we can get a late check out somehow. I told them I was having a very “unmagical” day, the Cast Member at the counter didn’t understand to0 well (English was not her 1st language) but a Manager overheard and came over to help. She checked a few things and said we could stay in the room till noon and if that wasn’t enough time for my truck to be fixed to let her know.   All she asked was that I call when we did leave the room.   Thank you!!! I really couldn’t have asked for anything more and was very grateful. 

As I walked back to our room, I saw a golf club cart pull away from our building. When I walked in, there were all 3 sets of clubs!  Things were starting to look up  DH called and said they were installing a new battery and he was happy that he was not being overcharged.   He made it back and we loaded up and were in the truck at 11am.  Guess I didn’t need the extra time in the room after all. 

Originally the plan for the day was to hang out, play some mini-golf, maybe go to a park for a bit then head out late in the day. We were just too tired and it was going to be really hot so we decided to just drive home.  So long Saratoga, until next time Mickey!

One of the many wonderful things about a 2BR is that we can get up in the morning, go in the kitchen, gather everything up for the day and never disturb the sleeping children.  DD is still recovering and needs her sleep and DS needs to sleep to recover from all of these late nights.

DH & I leave for our 10:10 tee time at Osprey Ridge.  We walk up to the Carriage House and have bell services call a taxi for us.  We arrive at Osprey Ridge in no time at all.   After checking in we stop and get coffee & breakfast at The Sand Trap.   Good food & good service and quick.   We were paired up with a Dad & son (shame DD didn’t come today, he was 15 and cute)  As always, some of the golf was good and some was not quite as magical.   We finally heard from the kids around 1pm, they were on the bus headed to Epcot. I forgot my cell in the room that morning so DH was the one that kept getting the text messages & pics -guess where we are now-in line for Test Track-got Soarin FP’s– and so on.  It was much quieter when they were sleeping.  This was our first time playing Osprey Ridge and I have to say I really liked it.  Beautiful course!   On one whole we were all walking up to the green when 3 deer (looked like Mommy Daddy & baby) came running out.   They stopped and looked at us (kind of like ‘what the heck are you doing here?’) and then ran off.   When we got to the 16th tee (beautiful par 3 with water alongside) we could see lightning out in the distance and we got a weather warning on the cart that storms were moving in fast and to be prepared to take cover. We waited a few minutes as there was a group still on the green.   Then we heard the thunder and saw more lighting and decided it would be better to be in the clubhouse drinking than out in the storm.  We headed in and parked the cart in the “garage”.  Dad & son partners left, we decided to wait and see if it would pass.  We grabbed a snack and some drinks at the Sand Trap and waited for the storm to pass.  BTW, they have really good onion rings, but be warned that is one huge basket for an appetizer!  The clubhouse wouldn’t let anyone on the course until the weather cleared.  It took over an hour before we finaly got to finish our round.  The kids called and said it was trying to rain at Epcot but that was about it.  A cab came and picked us up and dropped us off right in front of our villa.  After showering and changing, we headed to Epcot to meet up with the kids and have dinner with the princesses

DH & I walked thru the gates at Epcot at 6pm.  Our dinner Advanced Dining Reservation in Norway is for 6:15.  We check in with the kids and tell them to check in for dinner, we’ll be there soon.  We made pretty good time and got there about 6:15-6:20.  DD tells us they wouldn’t let her check in because we weren’t all there yet.  We checked in and waited about 15-20 minutes for them to call our name and have us move over into another line.  Then they take one family in at a time to meet the Princess who is greeting everyone that night.  We met Belle when we came in.  The photopass photographer takes your picture and then you’re led to your table.

Food was pretty good.  I really liked the shrimp salad and the cucumber salad on the cold bar as well as the cheese.  DH was happy to have the different types of herring.  DD had a salad  and DS skipped the cold bar. DH ordered the traditional Norwegian dinner (basically meat loaf) DD had the pork (which fell right off the bone), I had the salmon (for those counting, yes that’s 3 nights in a row) and DS had the kids cheese pizza.  Our server did say that he could get another one if he was still hungry.

–short rant to say that I hate paying Adult price for the 11yr old eating a kids pizza.  I have no problem paying the Adult price if he ate the adult meal, but c’mon $40 for a cheese pizza and a coke? –Rant over
All the dinners were good, not “wow” or “fantastic” but good. Dessert was pretty good.  We ordered a couple of coffees to have with dessert, but our waiter disappeared and we never got them.  He managed to stop by to drop off our check but disappeared again.  We were joking with the family at the table next to us, because they’d been stood up as well.  We finally made it out of there, with full tummies but disappointed. This meal cost more than our wonderful dinner the night before at Brown Derby.
Here are the princesses that we saw:
Snow White came by first

Then Princess Aurora came to see us

Alice came next (ok, a princess? really? )

Wow, couldn’t believe who was next

He didn’t want to take this pic, but Cindy & I convinced him to

One last thing about dinner at Norway: Ladies if you need to use the restroom, go before you get there and after dinner use the ladies room over by the Norwegian ship. I tried 3 times during/after dinner and it was full everytime– with little princesses in their princess dresses who couldn’t go by themselves. It was a nightmare in there. This ends tonights PSA 😉

After dinner the kids took off to use their Fast Passes for Soarin and DH & I finally went and saw the terra cotta army in China.  If you get the chance, check this exhibit out. It’s really neat.  We strolled around for a little while longer and waited for the kids to meet back up with us. We decided that we weren’t going to stay for Extra Magci Hours, we were too tired. We had hoped to leave before Illuminations was over, but the kids didn’t catch up with us (by Spaceship Earth) until afterward.  Then DS wants to go on Spaceship Earth.  He never wants to go on there! Well ok why not.  Then we finally head out to catch a bus.

Tonight’s bus service left a little to be desired. We walked up to the stop and there was already a line but no bus. WL/Ft Wilderness stop is next to us, they’re full but a bus is there. 2 or 3 more busses come for WL/Ft W, but none for us. Finally a bus shows up and 2 women who were standing over by the WL stop walk straight over and get on our bus before anyone else.  These women had only been standing at the other spot for a few minutes. This was such a full bus, that people that were in line, didn’t get on. We did get on, but I was really upset about these line cutters, I just don’t understand why people can’t behave like civilized adults.  These weren’t kids, they were women in their mid 20’s.  I feel bad for the people that didn’t get on the bus because them.

It was an uneventful ride after that. Once we got back to the room we changed into our swimsuits and spent some time at the Grandstand pool. It was a very relaxing way to end the day.

Tomorrow’s plan is Typhoon Lagoon & Yachtsman Steakhouse

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