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Dick Cook, Chairman of the Walt Disney Studios presided over a presentation full of breaking news, new trailers and a ton of surprise guest appearances on Friday at the D23 expo.

It started with a full orchestra performing a montage of music clips from all of the Disney library of movie.  Then, after making it snow inside the convention hall; Director Robert Zemeckis stopped in to talk about Disney’s A Christmas Carol.   “It’s a very timeless story and it’s a timely story and it’s a time-travel story and you know how much I love time-travel stories. So when I read the novel, I realized that Dickens is so magnificent in the way he writes thematically and the images that he conjures are so spectacular. I didn’t think a film had ever been realized in a way that we now have the tools to do it. I think we have the ability now to present the movie in the way Dickens imagined it.”  said Zemeckis.

The next guest was Tim Burton, director of the upcoming Alice in Wonderland, due out in March of 2010.  The movie will be a combination of live action & animation with some 3-D effects thrown in.

Surprise guests John Travolta, wife Kelly Preston and their daughter Ella Bleu.  They were there to talk about their new movie, Old Dogs.  All 3 are in it, and this is Ella Bleu’s first movie. 

Nicholas Cage stopped by to promote his upcoming movie; The Sorcerer’s Apprentice.  Nic Cage came up with the idea based on his love of the movie Fantasia.  The movie will be out in July of 2010.  He also announced that he’d be interested in doing another National Treasure movie, much to the audiences delight.

In a surprise performance Miley Cyrus sang her hit song “The Climb” then the next movie announcement was made: Tim Burton’s Frankenweenie will be coming to a theater near you in 2011.  Down the road Dick Cook announced there will be a Yellow Submarine 3D version of the Beattles classic movie and then the announcement of a new muppet movie!  The Cheapest Muppet Movie Ever Made!  (that’s the name) will be made soon.  To celebrate; Kermit, Miss Piggy sailed onto the stage on a Mark Twain boat and sang Rainbow Connection.

Just when the audience thought it couldn’t get any better; the biggest, bestest guest appearance of the day: Johnny Depp as Captain Jack Sparrow!  Captain Jack “drunk as a skunk”  asked the audience “Has anyone else witnessed a talking frog? Where has the frog gone?”  Johnny Depp’s Pirates of the Caribbean — On Stranger Tides is due in the summer of 2011. 

Sounds like a magical time was had by all at the movie preview experience!

When we came out of Toy Story the Musical, Captain Jack Sparrow was out, posing for pictures and causing trouble.  Captain Jack is always causing trouble….  Jason met and had his picture taken and then as Megan went, Captain Jack walked across the hall and grabbed a teddy bear from the shop.  He liked “Teddy”  had his picture taken with Megan, then with Meg & “Teddy” and then declared to the photographer “Just Teddy”.  Teddy was placed on the floor and had his picture taken.  This story may not translate to screen well, but I just have to say that Captain Jack is quite the Character! 

Growing boys need to eat, frequently.  We had an hour till dinner and Jason was starving.   This is where cruising is great for families with teen/tween kids; there’s always food available!  We sent Jason off to get some pizza and told him to be at dinner at Animators Palate on time. Jon, Megan & I decided to wander around the ship a bit.  We checked out the shops, wandered on deck, those of us over 21 enjoyed a before dinner cocktail.  When we met up, Jason was all sweaty and pretty gross.  I don’t know how you get that sweaty eating pizza……oh that’s right; he ate the pizza then went and played more soccer!  I showed him where the restrooms were so he could clean up before dinner and that is when Megan had her 2nd Captain Jack Sparrow experience of the evening.

Meg was looking at the photo pass pictures when Captain Jack came in; he was actually going “off stage” and was done with pictures but when he saw her standing there he said he needed ‘a picture with the pretty girl’.   They posed for the camera and then someone tells Captain Jack that “a giant rodent is coming” .  With that, Captain Jack yells “every man for himself!” and dives through the cast door.  A minute later, Mickey Mouse the “giant rodent” walked by. 

Tonight we’re eating at Animator’s Palate.  This is a neat restaurant.  The entire place, servers uniforms included; is black & white.  The artwork, animation cells, everything is black and white; at least that’s how it starts.  Over the dining period, the room begins to colorize and gets brighter.  I won’t spoil the “finale” of the show, but it’s very cool.   Onto the food.   This was actually the meal that I was least looking forward to, it’s not bad it’s just not “wow”.   The choices are a little boring….I do recommend the Ahi Tuna Tartare, the wasabi cream is very good!  The phyllo wrapped salmon is very good, but you can’t get the salmon cooked rare because of the phyllo.  We all ate our meals, but none were memorable.  We ordered our desserts, Jason was in a hurry to leave to catch a program at the Oceaneers Lab before the Pirate Party.  I knew that tonight they were going to recognize our anniversary, so I didn’t want him to leave too soon.  Right before dessert was served,  I saw them getting ready.  A beautiful cake was brought over, along with 2 glasses of champagne and our head server announced our celebration, they sang to us and it was very nice.  Our head server then came and apologized about the misunderstanding the night before. They may have messed up last night, but they more than made up for it tonight!  The cake was wonderful, and we had enough left that they packed up for us to take back to the room for later.  Jason had his dessert and took off for the kids club.  He wasn’t interested in the Pirate Party, he had soccer & flubber plans for the night.  We took the cake to the room, and then went up to deck 9 for the Pirate Party.

I know Jon had his doubts about the Pirates in the Caribbean Party, but when we got up on deck the music was playing, the dancing and singing started he changed his tune.  The party starts as a fun celebration and then “pirates” board the ship and take over, turning things a little darker.  In the end, Mickey saves the day and then there are fireworks.  Yes!  Fireworks are shot from the ship out over the water.  Disney is the only cruise line to do this, and it’s amazing!!!  After the fireworks, the music continues and the evening Pirate Buffet is set up.  Still full from dinner, we weren’t ready to eat again.  Besides, it was almost time for Krazy Karaoke.

Meg took off to Aloft, they had big plans for the night.  We stopped by the sports deck to make sure Jason hadn’t forgotten about the Flubber activity….ooops  good thing we stopped by, he’d lost track of time.  Now that the kids were settled with their plans for the night, Jon & I were ready for our night “out”.  We headed to Wavebands down on Route 66 for Krazy Karaoke.  There’s a huge song list, you sign up, get called up and when you’re done singing you get a shot.  I’m of the opinion that if you want me to sing in front of people, you should give me the shot 1st!  Jon signed up and sang to me for our anniversary.  He picked a Harry Connick Jr song that he knew I loved and the whole crowd got into it.  When he was done he had Pikey (our host) give me the shot.  This time it was blue, last month it was purple….gotta say the blue tastes better.   I know Jon really wanted me to sing, but I’m a scaredy cat and just couldn’t bring myself to do it.   The other highlight of the evening at KK (besides Jon singing to me) was when Cody (Hannah Montana’s show brother) got up to sing and started rapping.  He was a riot!  He was sitting next to us and was a really nice guy and a lot of fun.  After KK, we sat at Cadillac Lounge for a bit and then came back to Wavebands for some fun dancing.  It was fun for awhile and then we decided to go somewhere quieter.  We caught up with Jason back in the stateroom and he was, hungry.  Shocking!  A friend had told me before my last cruise to order Mickey Bars from room service, she swore they taste better.  This seems like as good a time as any!  I wanted a little something else, so I called and ordered the Mickey Bars and the fruit/cheese plate.  Again they told me it would be 30-40 minutes, and the knock on the door was actually 10 minutes later.  I have to say, my friend was right.  Nothing beats eating room service Mickey Bars on the verandah at 1:30am!  Just after we finished our midnight snack, Meg returned, glowing from her night at the teen club.   

Busy day, but it was a lot of fun!  Tonight (this morning??) I’ll be smarter and put the room service breakfast order on the door.  Starting the morning with coffee in the room would be a good idea!

Tonights theme is Pirates!  Pirates in the Caribbean party will be after dinner (which is pirate themed) and before we see Toy Story the musical, we get to meet Captain Jack Sparrow.

I have to say, Captain Jack Sparrow was awesome!  He must have spent almost 5 minutes with everyone that came through and it was a different experience for everyone.  The photopass photographer was in hysterics.  Talking to several CM’s later, they all love working with Captain Jack because he’s soooo much fun.

Toy Story the musical was AWESOME!!!!!   Of course, no cameras/video allowed, so I can’t show you anything but it was amazing.  The cast is very talented and the actor (actress) that played Sid was out of this world incredible.  Really truly the high point of the show!  I don’t care if you’re sailing with or without kids, DO NOT MISS THESE SHOWS!  In all seriousness, the show(s) are great for all ages and should not be missed.

Dinner tonight was at Parrot Cay.  Perfect place for the evenings theme!   

I did not order a drink with dinner because we were treated to wine with our meal.  The choices were a Chardonnay & and Cabernet.  Chardonnay’s and I don’t like each other all that much, so I went with the Cab.   I started with the Baked Crab Martinique–jumbo lump crab baked in a creamy cheese sauce severd with colorful tortilla chips and Plantain chips.  This was really good!  Big chunks of crab with lots of creamy cheesey goodness!  I wasn’t overly fond of the plantain chips, they were a little soggy in my humble opinion.  I followed that with the Cold Cream of  Mango & Papaya soup.  YUMMY!  It was perfect, not too heavy but creamy.  You could add some rum and it would make a lovely tropical drink–just a thought.

Since my server Nino’s recommendations had been so spot on, I continued to let him lead the way.  His entree recommendation was the Mixed Grill–grilled sirloin steak, lamb chop, bacon wrapped sausage, and jumbo shrimp on mashed potatoes, served with asparagus and grilled tomato with a Cabernet mushroom sauce.  To be honest, if I had picked I would have gone with the pan seared grouper or maybe the Island spiced grilled rib eye of beef.  Good thing I didn’t pick, Nino was right again!  This meal was incredible.  The sauce was to die for good, the steak was cooked to order perfectly rare, lamb chop was tender, shrimp were cooked perfectly and even the sausage was good and I’m not a sausage person.  

Somehow after all of that, I still managed to order (and eat) dessert.  Normally I would order whatever was the most chocolately option but I’m trusting my server and he says to go with the French Toast Banana Bread with coconut ice cream and caramel sauce.  I will say Nino was on a roll!  This was a rich, decadent dessert and I wasn’t able to finish it.  The coconut ice cream really made it work!  After all that food it was hard to believe that the evenings festivities were going to start up while we were still in the restaurant.  We had to join a conga line and do the limbo.  Those that didn’t participate cheered and waved napkins.  It was crazy and hilarious and a lot of fun!

As soon as we were done with dinner it was time to head up to Decks 9 & 10 for the Pirate Party. –fyi, if you didn’t bring any Pirate gear and wanted some, it was available for sale in several locations–  Rita our Facilitator for the trip had told us we would want to be on deck 9 port or deck 10 port/center for the best view of the fireworks.  Yes, you read that right, I said FIREWORKS!  Only Disney does a fireworks show at sea!!!!  Before the fireworks, the show starts with a lot of dancing and singing along.  There are several special guests through the party and it culminates with the fireworks.  I don’t want to give away too much but I will say that as a group of women between 21 – 70  we had a BLAST.  I saw a couple of kids that slept on their daddy’s shoulder, but most were dancing the night away.  Fun for all ages!

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