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As you’ve probably noticed, I love to eat while at Disney.   Eating “Disney food” at home is a good way to feel like you’ve brought a little of the magic home with you.  So I’ve decided to add another category to this blog; recipes.  Keep checking back for new recipes & ask away if you have one that you’d like to see.

Here’s a recipe that we all love & is perfect on a hot summer day; chilled strawberry soup. 

Strawberry Soup

  • 2 lbs 8 oz strawberries, frozen, thawed with juice
  • 16 oz heavy cream
  • 2 oz sour cream
  • 3 oz yogurt
  • 1/2 lb fresh strawberries for garnish
  1.  Mix thawed strawberries (and juice), heavy cream, sour cream and yogurt. 
  2.  Beat slowly until well mixed AND a smooth consistency.  May need to blend in several small batches if mixing in blender.
  3.  Chill, shake/stir well before serving
  4.  Garnish with fresh strawberry halves


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