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I don’t go to Disney without a plan for each & every day.  Which park, what time we’ll go and where we’ll eat.  Plans are necessary to make sure you don’t miss out on important things (like eating) but every now and then you have to remember they’re not set in stone.  Flexibility and “go with the flow” have a place in the vacation as well. 

You’ve probably guessed by now that today was the day I threw the “plan” out the window and you’re right.  We had planned to go to Animal Kingdom for the afternoon & evening EMH but it just wasn’t “hitting” us this morning.  The kids were disappointed that they hadn’t been on Test Track and Soarin at Epcot.  I told them to go….  and they were out of the villa in less 10 minutes.

Jon & I were hungry and went down to the Marketplace.  We ordered sandwiches–roastbeef & brie and the turkey & diamond cheddar and a couple of bags of chips.  We decided to go eat by the Villas pool, so I ran up to the room, grabbed our books, bathing suits & drinks and met Jon at the pool.  This was so nice!  We had a table with umbrella, sat in the shade and enjoyed our picnic lunch.  Changed into our suits, read our books and occasionally jumped in the pool to cool off.  It was quiet and relaxing and overall, wonderful! 

Without looking at our watches, we could tell it was hitting 2-3pm because the families with small children were back from the park and headed to the pool.  We decided that ice cream was sounding good, so we packed up our stuff and headed to Stormalong bay.  I texted the kids and told them to head back, change into suits & to meet us at Beaches & Cream.  They were working on a surprise for Jon, but as soon as they had it, they met up with us.

Stormalong Bay was pretty busy, but we found 3 lounge chairs.  We decided to go check in at Beaches & Cream and see how long it would be to get a table –too hot for eating ice cream outside!  We were told 20-40 minutes and given a buzzer.  Great thing, the buzzers work all the way from the Yacht Club to the far end of the Beach Club!  We went back into the pool area and found an empty table with umbrella & four chairs!  Jon grabbed it and sent me to get our stuff from the other chairs.  I’m not sure how that happened…He sat at the table and I went and got our bag/noodles/towels etc.   I think he got the better end of that 😉  Shortly after that, the kids showed up and joined us. 

In no time at all the buzzer went off and it was time for ice cream.  I didn’t need a menu, I was having a  No Way Jose.  I had planned to get one last summer, but we ended up getting a Kitchen Sink.  Not this time!  Chocolate & Vanilla ice cream, peanut butter, hot fudge, chocolate & peanut butter chips, whipped cream & a cherry.  YUMMY!!!!!  It really doesn’t get better than this!  Megan got the  Fudge Mudslide  sundae.  Ooeey gooeey chocolately goodnesss!  Jason really wanted the Kitchen Sink again, so he and Jon decided to go for it: 8 scoops of ice cream, EVERY topping and a whole can of whipped cream.  When I say every topping, I mean every topping they use for all of the different sundaes/desserts.  Sprinkles, chocolate chips, peanut butter chips, candied orange slice, bananas, milky way cake, brownies, angel food cake, milky way candy bar and so on.  It is decadent, delicious & disgusting all at the same time and supposedly serves 4.  When they bring it out, they flash the lights in the restaurant and make an announcement explaining what it is and then deliver it to the table.  It’s quite the production.   Meg & I finished our sundaes, the boys did the best they could but it was too much for the 2 of them.

We went back to the pool and spent the next several hours reading, floating in the lazy river and just relaxing.  It was a perfect afternoon!  Then the storms moved in and in a matter of minutes the lifeguards had cleared the pool & pool area.  It is really impressive to see how quickly the lifeguards can clear Stormalong Bay.  Looking at the sky we decided it was time to head back to the villa and think about what we wanted for dinner. 

The skies opened up, the thunder & lightning were really impressive.  We thought about running out for something to eat but another look outside and at the weather radar and we decided to order our cheapest meal of the week.  Pizza delivered from Papa John’s.  After the wonderful meals we’d had so far and the meals we were looking forward to on the ship, this was actually a great meal.  We ordered 3 pizzas for $7 a pizza.  We had soda & water in the room and didn’t need anything else.  We played cards (always pack a deck of cards) watched some TV and just relaxed.  It wasn’t a typical last night at the World, but it was a good one.

The plan for the day was to relax at Stormalong Bay for the morning, have a late lunch at Planet Hollywood and then head over to the Magic Kingdom for evening EMH and stay till park closing at 1am (not as cool as the 3am closing times last year…..) and if there was time run over to MK before 5pm to get to the barber shop for Jason’s annual Disney haircut.

Jon & Jason ran down to the Marketplace to get breakfast; they had been looking forward to the yogurt parfaits.  Well, FYI the marketplace at BC is no longer serving breakfast.  That’s right, all CS breakfast is now available (only available) at Beaches & Cream.  I mention this mainly because I found it to be inconvenient for DVC guests, not a huge deal but…..  The boys were very happy with their yogurt parfaits; lot’s of large blueberries, strawberries, raspberries & granola.  They brought an omelet w/ biscuit and bacon meal for me.  It was allright, nothing to right home about but it was fine.

Megan and Jon went to play tennis (tennis courts are located on the Yacht Club side of the resort).  Eventually Jason & I went down to Stormalong Bay.  On our way, we passed Jon & Megan;  they were headed back to the room and said they’d meet us at the pool after going to the fitness center.  They wanted to workout, I wanted to float around and have little drinks with umbrellas; we all got what we wanted 🙂

It was so nice by the pool, that we didn’t want to leave.  We decided to put off our ADR at Planet Hollywood and try to get in later.  Then we spent more time at the pool.  Jason went on the slide more times than I can count, participated in some of the poolside activities and checked out every part of the pool.  Jon & I spent our time reading, drinking and floating on noodles in the lazy river.  Meg floated, read and went back to the villa for a nap.

Around 3 we went back to the villa to get ready for our evening activites.  This of course is Florida in July so we were waiting for the rain to start and hoping to make it to PH before the storms hit.  It looked like we were going to make it, but then we got on a bus with the slowest driver ever!  It was fine at the Marketplace DTD bus stop but by the time we got to the Westside DTD stop, the skies opened up and the monsoon began.  On several previous trips to PH we’ve gotten drenched trying to make it from the bus stop and then we freeze in the restaurant.  Not happening this time!  We stood under the cover at the bus stop, until we finally got a break in the storm.  When we finally made it to PH we were seated immediately on level 3 (even without an ADR).  Meg had snacked at the pool and wasn’t really hungry yet, so we decided to share  3 entrees between us.  Jon & Jason both had the LA Lasagna and I got the Crab Cake.  The LA Lasagna was delicious as always, and the crab cakes were pretty good.  Between the 4 of us we almost finish all of it, of course we were saving room for dessert.  Planet Hollywood has some of our very favorite desserts (all serve 2 people).   Jon and Jason had their usual, the Banana Split Creme Brulee.  It’s exactly what the name says, a creme brulee topped with a banana split.  They ate every last bite!  Megan & I prefer the Ghiradeli Brownie Sundae.  Huge rich brownie, topped with chocolate & vanilla icecream, hot fudge & caramel (YUM!) tons of whipped cream, milk & white chocolate shavings and of course a cherry.  YUMMY! 

We took a little stroll around DTD to walk off some of dinner.  Stopped at Magic Masters (magic shop) watched them perform for a bit.  If you get the chance, stop in; these guys are really good and it’s great entertainment for free.  Ok, free until you decide you need to buy a magic trick– I strongly recommend buying the tricks while you’re there or at least early enough before Christmas that you don’t have to pay overnight shipping costs.

Eventually we made it to Magic.  We grabbed a time sheet on our way in and saw that the Enchanted Tiki Room only had 1 more show for the night, so when we got to the hub we turned left.  It’s silly & corny but fun!  Then we went to see the new Hall of Presidents.  Wow!  It was great, very well done except for President Obama.  The mannerisms were right, but not the look.  I really think they’ll have to re-do him, it just doesn’t look like him.  We finish Hall of Presidents about 15 minutes before the parade was to start.  I wanted to watch Spectro Magic but the kids didn’t, so they took off to ride Haunted Mansion.  Now that the parade is starting in the front of the park, we still had time to spare so Jon & I went over to HM.  We were wearing our anniversary pins and were in the last doom buggy.  The CM loading the buggys wished us a Happy Anniversary and then hopped on our buggy and tried to scare us.  It was pretty funny.  After HM, Spectro was just entering Liberty Square.  The kids were off doing their thing, so Jon & I were able to stop and watch the parade.  Then we went and rode Splash Mountain with practically no wait and got a FP for Big Thunder Mountain Railroad.  Then we headed over to Adventureland.  We started to watch Wishes from the Swiss Family Tree House, but the view was partly blocked.  Instead we went down and rode the Flying Carpet ride and had an incredible view of the fireworks.  By now we needed a snack, so we grabbed Dole whip floats (and coke floats) at Aloha Isle.  Jungle Cruise was already closed for the night so we went to ride Pirates and BTMR.  Great time on BTMR and a great CM Stephen who was pumping up the guests, cheering and clapping; just a lot fun!  We worked our way back thru Stroller Land (ok Fantasy Land) the line for Pooh Bear was still over 30 minutes, so we kept on walking.  Rode Buzz Lightyear  and at the end of the night we stopped at Casey’s for hot dogs.  I don’t know if it was just because it was almost 1am, but these were really good! 

Caught a bus right when we walked out and were back to the Beach Club at 1:15am.  It was a long day, but a lot of fun.  We missed a few things (Jungle Cruise & Mickey’s Philharmagic) and Jason still needed his haircut so we changed our plans to come back in the morning.  Now it was time for sleep!

We’ve had our summer reservations set for 7 months now.  6 nights, 7 days at Disney’s Beach Club Villas in a 2 BR.  Perfect!  Stormalong Bay here we come!  Dining reservations were made at the 90 day mark, everything was ready. 

Plans: drive down on Sat, stay offsite for the night and check in early at BCV on Sunday morning. Most of our days would be at Stormalong Bay or the Quiet Pool, reading & relaxing.  Parks in the evening after the daily rain cools things down and the crowds thin out.   Sundy dinner at Cape May Cafe and MK evening EMH.  Monday, Hollywood Brown Derby and Disney’s Hollywood Studios  evening EMH.  Tuesday Typhoon Lagoon during the day and the Hoop dee do Review at night.  Wednesday dinner Tusker House with evening EMH at Animal Kingdom.  Thursday the kids were going to do their thing and Jon & were going to Bistro de Paris for our anniversary dinner and Friday we had ADR’s for The Wave  followed by evening EMH at Magic Kingdom.  Saturday we would pack up and head home, probably after breakfast at Cape May Cafe.

Well, we just changed most of that.  I got notice of an amazing travel agent appreciation perk for Disney Cruise Line 3 & 4 night cruises in July.   We were able to make it work and now we’re going on our own Land & Sea trip!  I think we’ll even spend less money after all is said and done and our trip is now 5 nights at BCV and 3 nights on the Disney Wonder (total of 8 nts/9 days)!  We’ll cut some of our dining reservations because we’ll be eating plenty on the ship, and we’ll skip the water parks because we won’t have as much time at the World; but we’ll add snorkeling & perhaps a couples massage.

New plan, we’ll still drive down on Saturday the 11th, but now we’re checking into BCV that day.  We’ll spend some time at Stormalong Bay and go to Epcot for the evening.  We’re thinking we’ll eat a bunch of Counter Service around the World Showcase for dinner.  Sunday we’ll relax at the pool during the day, late lunch at Planet Hollywood and then long night at Magic Kingdom.  Monday will still be Hollywood Brown Derby and DHS.  Tuesday we’re re-working completely, we’ll save HDDR for another trip when it can stand out more.  We’ll probably spend the day at Epcot and maybe ESPN or Big River Grille for dinner or more CS.  Wednesday maybe Beaches & Cream or ???? and then AK for evening EMH followed by dessert at Beaches & Cream.  I am not missing out on my No Way Jose on this trip!

Amazing how you can plan for months & months and then completely turn it upside down in less than 24 hours.  Next post will be about getting a family ready for their 1st cruise!

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