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We arrived at the Studios almost ready to eat again.  Our favorite restaurant at Disney is the Hollywood Brown Derby.  We have had great meals with excellent service every time we’ve been there and tonight was no exception. 

The kids got to the restaurant 1st and checked us in for dinner.  We were seated a few minutes later.  Then for some unknown (at least to me) reason, we were asked to move to a different table.  It was very odd, but we were very happy with our new booth.  Tonights dinner is our “anniversary dinner” so we ordered the Fairytale champagne to celebrate and then ordered our appetizers.   Jon & I ordered the Cobb salad for our appetizer and Megan ordered the chicken corn chowder to start.  Jason didn’t want anything.   While we were waiting on our appetizers, our server came out with a camera and asked to take our picture.  Our server asked how long we had been married and Jon answered “18 to life”; smart aleck….  

For our entrees, I got my usual; the Salmon with marscapone polenta, gorgonzola and balsamic glaze with an olive tapenade.   I love this and have ordered it more times than I can count.  It’s usually cooked pretty “well” so I ordered it to be cooked “more rare”, Jon spoke over me and said “make it rare”.  I wish he hadn’t because it was a little too rare, but still very good.  The polenta was still the best part of this dish! Delicious!  Jon & Megan both got the Ahi Tuna and it was very good (I would have tried some, but there wasn’t any left).  Megan really liked the wasabi sauce that came with it.  No one is as predictable as Jason at the Brown Derby, he ordered the kids hot dog meal.  In the past he always said it was the best hot dog on property, this year it lost out to Casey’s.  It might have held on to 1st place, but they served it on a whole wheat bun. YUCK !  White wheat would have been a good choice if you had to try to make a hot dog “healthy”, but a whole wheat bun for a hot dog?  What’s the point?! 

Time for my favorite part of any meal; dessert!  Jason’s predictability continued with the Hidden Treasures dessert on the kids menu.  Not that I can say much because the rest of us ordered our usuals.  Meg & Jon both got the famed Grapefruit Cake and I got the flourless chocolate cake.  Having had this many times before, I knew the minute it was placed in front of me that they had changed it.  It used to be served with a Port sauce, now it’s a red wine sauce; similar but not the same.  There used to be creme fraiche and lots of berries; now it’s served with a carmel ice cream and a couple of berries.   Admittedly I am a person that does not accept change readily, and while this was  still a good dessert it’s not as good as it used to be.   While we were eating, our server brought out 2 glasses of champagne (on the house!) and a Hollywood Brown Derby menu with our picture and “love story” printed inside!  It was very cool souvenir!

I wish that the hot dog still had a white bun and the chocolate cake went back to the old recipe, but all in all this was still an excellent meal and service was top notch.  We will be back!

Stuffed after that meal, we weren’t ready to ride anything too exciting……We tried to catch the next showing of the Little Mermaid but missed out by 4 people.  Instead of waiting for the next show, we headed down to Toy Story Midway Mania.  The standby line had an 80 minute wait, good thing we had grabbed fast passes this morning!  In no time at all, we were riding and playing.  This ride is hilarious!  You sit in the car wearing 3D glasses and it takes you from game to game.  These are virtual games, you aim your spring action virtual shooter & it shoots different things at each game (throws pies, arrows to pop balloons, etc).  Then in a whirly twirly crazy carnival ride way it moves you to the next game.   I did better than the last time I played, but still lost to Jon (although my score blew away the kids!).  This is a fun ride! 

We wandered the Streets of New York and San Fransisco;  and then to save time and hit the attractions that everyone wanted, we split up.  Jon & Megan went to see Muppet Vision 3-D while Jason & I went on Star Tours.  Wait times for both were practically nothing and we met back up in no time.  Feeling the effects of a long day, we slowly wandered over to Little Mermaid and then called it a night. It was around 11pm, and we’d had a full day.  As we walked out of the park there was a Friendship waiting to take us back to the Beach Club Villas.

Monday morning and we still had several things we wanted to do at the Magic Kingdom, & our afternoon/evening plan was for Disney’s Hollywood Studios with dinner at the Hollywood Brown Derby.  Here’s a plan, we’ll take a Friendship over to the Studios and get fast passes for Toy Story Midway Mania; then catch a bus to the Magic Kingdom.

It started well, caught a boat without much wait and made it to the Studios.  Went and got FP’s for Toy Story Midway Mania (they were for mid-afternoon), crowds weren’t too bad so we started to rethink our plans and considered staying at DHS but decided to stick with the plan and head to MK for Jason’s haircut. 

We walked out of the park and went to the Contemporary/Poly/Grand Floridian bus stop.  The Contemporary Resort is right next to the Magic Kingdom and you can walk or take the monorail from there.  Very quick and easy.   There was a bus at the stop next to us headed for the TTC (Ticket & Transportation Center)  We wanted to avoid dealing with the longer lines there (everyone from offsite visiting the MK goes thru the TTC), so when the Bus Driver offered us a ride there, we declined.  We waited for a Contemporary bus, and waited and waited and waited.  Then a bus manager came by and told us that we needed to get in the TTC bus line because they don’t run regular resort busses from the park that early–guess they don’t expect too many people to leave the park at 10am.   That other TTC bus that offered us a ride had left 15  minutes before this.  UGH!  Another 5-10 minutes later and we got a bus to the TTC.  Once at the TTC we decided to take the monorail, the “express monorail” (direct to MK) had HUGE lines, we walked past those to the resort monorail.   Walked right up to the platform and 2 minutes later a monorail pulled up we walked on and were on our way. 2 quick stops at the Poly & GF and then we were at the Magic Kingdom!

Our plan to run to DHS real quick and then to MK was a little longer than we had expected.  It was 11:15am by the time we got to MK and we had left the Beach Club around 9am.  We lost a good bit of time waiting for the bus; but we did get the fast passes for Toy Story and that ride has a habit of running out of FP’s and long wait times, so all in all I think it was worth it.

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