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For some reason, I always wake up before the wake up call when I’m cruising.  Doesn’t matter that I only went to sleep a few hours ago, I am waiting to hear Mickey tell me it’s time to get up.

We’re not in a huge hurry to get off the ship in Nassau.  We didn’t book any excursions, just planning to walk around town and explore on our own for awhile.  Instead of rushing, Jon & Meg go for a run, then while she gets ready the rest of us go for breakfast at Triton’s.  

Only dinner is assigned, at breakfast you just walk up and are seated.  You’ll have different servers but that can be fun.  We had a great breakfast; Jon ordered his “cruise breakfast” bagel with lox & cream cheese & eggs benedict.  This is what he had everyday of our honeymoon cruise and he couldn’t wait to do it again (18 years later).  I couldn’t decide between the eggs benedict and the “Atlantis Secret Tower” stacked french toast with grilled pineapple and strawberry coulis.  Our wonderful server told me I should try both!  Gotta love that!  Jason ordered the “Little Mermaids Morning” which is 2 belgian waffles stuffed with Dulche de Leche and rolled in cinnamon sugar.  Jon loved his breakfast, I thought mine were both very good but I liked the eggs benedict better.  Jason didn’t really care for his….the Duche de Leche wasn’t quite what he expected.  No problem, they quickly got him a new breakfast: Mickey’s special combo platter.  Mickey Waffle, scrambled eggs and a pancake tower.  That was perfect! 

When we got back to the room, Meg was upset because she didn’t know which restaurant we had gone to for breakfast and she was now hungry.  No problem, that is what room service is for!   I quickly called and ordered the Chicken Fajita wrap.  I was told it would take 30-40 minutes and 10 minutes later there was a knock on the door.  Can I just say that I love free room service!  She was happy, loved her wrap and we were ready to go explore Nassau.

Just a little information here; to leave the ship you need your KTTW card and photo ID.  Kids need their KTTW card and a parent or permission slip to go with an excursion.  This way they know who got off the ship, when they got off and when they get back on. 

When we got off the ship we headed out and walked down to the Straw Markets.   There were some deals to be had, but not like in the “old” days.  It was hot and muggy and no one really felt like shopping so we moved on.  Took pictures by the Pirate Museum, toured a beautiful church, stopped in a couple of other shops and in the end we got a yummy chocolate rum cake at the Bacarrdi store.  We had wandered for a couple of hours and saw what we wanted to see and now we just wanted to go back to the ship and enjoy that.

First things first, it was time to eat again 🙂 For the 3rd meal in a row, we had lunch at Triton’s.  To be honest, I can’t remember anyones meal except for Jason’s.  He was hot, tired and getting a little grumpy and wasn’t sure he was even hungry.  He ended up asking our server if he could get a Mickey bar for an appetizer.  Of course the server said “yes” then looked at us.  I decided I just didn’t care.  If he got hungry later, he’d get pizza or burgers or something on deck 9, so what the heck have the Mickey bar as an “appetizer”.  They brought it out with our food, but all I see is a Mickey Bar sitting in a bowl with mini marshmallows and lots of sprinkles.  He ate every last bite and then ordered kids mac & cheese  for his entree.  Jon laughed and commented when they brought the entrees that “if he eats his entire meal, we’re giving him ice cream before every meal”  He not only ate it, he devoured it and when we ordered dessert he asked if he could order more mac & cheese.  He ate most of that as well.  As they say, life is short eat dessert first!

While we were eating lunch we wanted to plan the rest of our day.  I left the restaurant for a few minutes to get a new Navigator (we’d misplaced ours).  While I was at Guest Services I had another question for them.  When I made the cruise reservation I had told them we were celebrating our 18th anniversary and they told me they would do something the 1st night of the cruise.   No, I didn’t forget to write about and you didn’t skim over it; nothing had happened the 1st night.  They were very apologetic after looking it up and seeing it on the reservation, and they promised it would be taken care of tonight.   Secret planning done, I went back to lunch and we planned our afternoon.  Meg was tired and ready to lay out in the sun & read a book.  Jason had several activities at the lab that he wanted to check out, the only complication was he wanted to do the “make a kite” family activity but that was at 3pm, right in the middle of afternoon.  He decided we could make a kite another time and took off to do his things.  Meg took off and we went to Guest Services to see if we could book some spa time.  There was a great in port special that included: head, neck, shoulder massage, facial, Rainforest Room, chocolate covered strawberries and glass of champagne.  Perfect!  Even better, we were able to get both of us in at the same time!!!

We went and changed into our bathing suits and headed to the Cove pool.  Beautiful weather, a drink of the day and an hour till our spa appointment; I really can’t imagine it being any better than this!  We relaxed, swam a little and then it was time to go to the spa.  We checked in a few minutes early and were taken to the locker rooms.  We both changed into our robes & slippers and were then led to a couples cabin.  While our package that we booked wasn’t technically a “couples massage”, since we are a couple and they could do it at the same time, they did.  The room is beautiful, calm and quiet.  On the verandah is a hot tub for the “real” couples packages.  In the cabin the colors are soft, music is soothing.  The ladies that will be giving us our massages tell us what to expect and they leave the room for us to disrobe and get on the massage tables.  When they come back, they position us so we’re comfortable and then they start the massage.  All I hear is the soft music, the occasional “ahh”  escape from myself or Jon and that is it.  The ladies are stealthy, and perfectly in rythem.  There is a wonderful soothing scent in the air and I don’t want this to ever stop.  Gently and quietly they ask us to roll over and then they begin the facial.  While the facial “sets”  they move down and do a leg massage.  Ooohs and Aahhhs are the only sounds in the room beside the music.  Our faces are wiped off and before we “come to” my hand is placed in Jon’s hand.  I can’t believe it’s over!  They step out for us to dress and came back with water and suggestions on what to buy and do to feel better on a daily basis.  I was very pleased with this.  They told us what they used, asked if we’d like them to make a package up for us and when we said no, they moved on.  No pressure at all, and I really appreciated that.  Then they led us to the Rainforest Room, gave us our chocolate covered strawberries & champagne and reminded us to drink plenty of water.    We spent the next hour enjoying the scented steam rooms, sauna, mosaic chairs and showers.  It was beyond wonderful!  It was a bit of a splurge but worth every penny!  To top it off, I now have a husband that wants to include spa visits on our vacations!!!

Before we knew it, our wonderful relaxing quiet couples time was over and it was time to get ready for dinner and tonight show: Toy Story the Musical!   The show starts at 6pm, everyone was instructed to be at the room and ready by 5:45.  Megan was in the room and ready, Jon & I were changed and ready to go and Jason was……MIA.   I would’ve have been upset, but not as much if it were a different show; but Toy Story was the ONE show that he wanted to see.  At 5:45pm we left the room.  Our cabin attendant was in the hallway, we told her that if Jason came back to please let him know to meet us at the show (I also left a note in the room).  Jon & Meg went to the show, I’ve seen it,they haven’t.  I went and checked at the pool, pizza place & sport courts.  No Jason.  I went down to the theater and found Jon & Megan, great.  No Jason.  I went outside the theater to watch for him, had a lovely chat with a CM, tried calling the room (no answer) and played hide & seek with the Green Army guys.  5:59pm and here comes Jason; dressed for dinner & the show.  He had lost track of time playing soccer against a bunch of Brazillians (story to be told at dinner), went to the cabin where Willie (our cabin attendant) told him to meet us at the show.  We were seated before the show started, but just barely.  I LOVE this show!  I loved it last time and loved it again this time!  I won’t spoil it, but Sid is my favorite part of the show, don’t miss it!


These are the questions from my 1st post in this series:

  • What should I pack?  What did I pack that I didn’t need and what do I wish I had brought?
  • Do I need a passport or should I have one even if I don’t need it? What are the new passport rules?
  • How are the cabins? Can you see/feel the difference between the different categories?  Is it worth paying for the ocean view? 
  • When will my documents arrive?
  • What should I know to make it easier and more relaxing?  

Packing:  my packing list was probably a little different than most because I needed to have “business/cruise casual” clothes for work/seminar times & then regular clothes.  I was actually really happy with what I took as far as clothes.  Casual comfy shorts & tees are perfect for most everything except dinner.  I wore sundresses at night for dinner and felt that I was dressed appropriately-not too casual and not too dressy.  Make sure you have bathing suits & a cover up is nice to have.  If you get cold easily, you may want a light sweater for dinner & the shows.  What did I forget to pack?  I should have packed the charger for my camera!  I actually took less pictures than I would have liked because I was afraid the battery would die before the end of the trip.  What I didn’t need was my hair dryer.  There’s nowhere to plug it in the the bathroom and there is a built in hair dryer that worked just fine.

Passport:  Right now, American citizens do not NEED a passport for cruises that start and end in the same port.  However, if anything were to go wrong–miss the ship in Nassau, get sick and need to emergency fly back to the U.S.–you would be in for a lot of headaches without a passport.  I would strongly recommend getting the passport, it’s worth it for the peace of mind.

Cabins:  I was impressed with the size of the cabins.  Any DCL cabin that is “Deluxe” has the split bath, a really great feature.  The split bath is a sink & toilet in one bath and the other bath has the shower & sink.  Makes it super easy to get ready with multiple people in a cabin.  That is an upgrade that I think is worth paying for!  I was in a Category 6, Deluxe Cabin with Verandah and LOVED IT!!!  I really liked being able to go out on the verandah but if it came down to not being able to go or having a verandah I’d take a Deluxe Ocean View Cabin in a heartbeat.  The “port holes” are quite large and give a good view and natural light.  I like having a view, but I’m also a little claustrophobic.  The inside cabin would be fine for those who aren’t bothered by claustrophobia and are a great choice for families that need 2 cabins or the the Cat 5 Deluxe Family Stateroom with Verandah.

Documents:  Your cruise documents will arrive when they arrive…..don’t worry, arrival a few days before your trip is not unusual.

What should you know: 

*The kids clubs are amazing!  Even if you think your kid(s) won’t want to go much, register them while you’re still in the Cruise terminal!  You’ll be surprised how little you see your kids on this trip because they will be busy having the time of their lives!  After touring the kids clubs, I wish I could go there! 

*Even with kids, choose 2nd seating for dining.  Yes you’ll be eating a little later, but (1) you’ll never go hungry on the ship as there is food available all the time! (2) you’ll have more time in ports before needing to be back on the ship and (3) the new Dine & Play allows the kids to dine with you, have their food brought quickly and then the counselors will pick them up at the restaurant.  They go play in the clubs & you enjoy the rest of your meal child free!

*The Vista Spa offers specials through out the cruise, check your navigator for each day.  They also offer a day pass or cruise pass for the Rainforest Room.  Great way to enjoy the relaxation of the spa with out the pricier “treatments”.  Go to the Spa to purchace the pass.  No charge for fitness equipment or exercise classes but make sure you bring your gym shoes or you won’t be allowed to participate.

*Gratuities can be pre-paid before you sail, which is very convenient!  You’ll get envelopes & tickets with your servers’ names on them for you to hand out the last night of the trip.  Better than worrying about having cash for that. 

*Don’t pack the credit card you’re going to use for your room charges.  You’ll need it in the cruise terminal when you check in.  If you forget and have the credit card in your luggage, don’t worry.  They’ll set your Key to the World card up to be paid in cash at the end and you can go to guest services on the ship at anytime and give them your credit card info.  If you’re doing a Land & Sea package, you will already be set with your KTTW Card from your resort portion of the trip.

*Carry a day bag for when you get on the ship.  Have your bathing suit, sunscreen,sunglasses, camera & your ID, Passport & Credit Card.  That’s all you’ll need until your luggage arrives in your cabin.

While it may sound self serving to say this, I strongly recommend using a travel consultant that specializes in Disney and Disney Cruises.  Don’t miss out on an amazing dinner at Palo because you didn’t know there was an adult only restaurant on board, a couples spa treatment on the ship or a cabana massage on Castaway Cay or excursions in port.  If you have a travel consultant that doesn’t mention any of these options or specials that might apply to your cruise dates, you need to find a new agent immediately!   Other than that, relax and enjoy.  You’re about to embark on a wonderful experience!

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