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The Wishes Dessert Party has returned for most nights until May 31st.

What is a Wishes Dessert Party?  It’s a yummy way to watch the fireworks at the Magic Kingdom.   Arrive at the Tomorrow Land Terrace Noodle Station an hour before the fireworks and enjoy a variety of sweet treats, coffee, tea & lemonade.  Then enjoy a great view of Wishes.  Prices for the all you care to eat dessert buffet are $25.99 & $13.99 for 3-9.

Reservations are strongly recommended, but walkups may be able to get in.  The Disney Dining Plan is NOT accepted for this event.

A new way to watch Wishes,  is at the Fireworks Dessert Party.    This new experience is available to guests from June 23, 2009 – August 28, 2009 at the  Tomorrowland Terrace Noodle Station. 

Each night the Fireworkds Dessert Party will open one hour before the nighttime spectacular and includes a self serve buffet with a wide variety of sweet treats and beverages and exclusive viewing area for the fireworks.   

Reservations are not required, but are recommended due to expected popularity of this experience.  Seating is limited, walk-ups may be available on a first-come,  first-served basis.  Price is $17.99 for adults 10+ , and $9.99 for kids 3-9.  The Disney Dining Plan is not currently being accepted.  Prepayment will be required when making reservations.  To make reservations call your travel consultant or Disney Dining at 407-WDW-DINE.

Party Time

One of the “problems” with the Disney Dining Plan is that by the time you eat an appetizer, entree and dessert, you’ve spent a lot of time eating. We caught our bus to Magic Kingdom, I grabbed our party tickets from Will Call and then we went for a ride on the Monorail. I had planned to check out the decorations at all of the monorail resorts, but after that long meal, we didn’t have time. Off to the Grand Floridian to see the famous (infamous?) gingerbread house. The first thing you see though is the tree, wow that’s big! and beautiful! We went downstairs to see the house and it was as impressive as always, but I wanted to get to the party! Back on the monorail and to MK.

It’s almost 6pm when we walk in (an hour later than I had planned on) it’s very crowded up front, day people will be leaving soon but the party is sold out.   We make our way up Main St, trying to not lose anyone. I’m more worried about losing Dad than my kids, lol!  We stop in front of The Plaza as Wishes starts. My kids & DH take off to ride Space Mtn, while Dad, Jackie and I watch the fireworks. That was pretty neat, Wishes isn’t my favorite, but I really enjoyed it this time. Maybe it was because of the wide eye awe of Dad & Jackies faces… We head to Tomorrowland to find the rest of my family and find out that they rode Buzz Lightyear instead because Space Mountain had a 40 minute wait. So we promise DS –who swears that he wants to ride all of the roller coasters on this trip. We’ve heard this before, and then he ends up “not in the mood” so we’ll see this time.   Anyways, we promise that we will ride Space Mountain later when the line goes down. So we walk, and Indy Cars have a 10minute wait?!? DS usually wants to ride in June in the 100+ heat with an hour wait, so 10 minutes, go ride!  Off they go while DH & I enjoy a few minutes alone.  Next we make our way to Fantasy Land. The park was crowded, but we found most of the lines to be 10 minutes or less. Jackie & I watched while the rest rode Cindy’s Carousel, then since they had loved Muppet Vision we were headed to Mickey’s Philharmagic. We told them how the technology improvements puts Muppet Vision to shame, we walk in, stand in line for a few minutes and then see the people at the front of the line leave. Huh? What’s going on? I have to say this was the worst managed thing all trip. Word spread through the guests that something broke and they weren’t sure when it would be fixed. There was a Cast Memeber at the front of the line, but they never “announced” to the rest of us and it took another 5 minutes or so before they put a Cast Memeber at the door to let people know what was happening.  Bummer, no Philharmagic.  So we moved on to Snow Whites Scary Adventure, 5 min wait, then Small World,  where we walked right on.  Everything was nice & clean and bright, good job on the refurb. Dad & Jackie thought it was really neat.  Skipped Pooh Bear & Peter Pan for now because the lines were longer and made our way towards the back of the park. It’s been awhile since we’ve eaten, so it’s time to get cookies & cocoa. We sat outside Columbia Harbor House, ate our cookies and listened to carolers. I love the Christmas Party!   The weather was good, I was wearing jeans, t-shirt and had a sweatshirt tied around my waist and I was perfectly comfortable. We finished our snack and went to Haunted Mansion.  We walked right in, I was actually a little bummed because I didn’t get to see everything outside and this was our 1st time back since it went thru refurb. WOW!!! They did a Fantastic job on the refurb!   And seeing Dad & Jackies faces when the hitchhiker joined them was priceless!

It was almost time for the 1st parade so we scooted through Frontier Land and headed to Splash Mtn. This was not Dad & Jackies thing, so they went to shop & watch the parade.  Splash had a 10 minute wait posted, but it was actually only as long as it took to walk thru the queue to the boats.  1st Mtn of the night.  DH & DS (who’s awfully brave all of a sudden) get the 1st row, DD & I 2nd row. Y’all know “the big drop”, well next to that is where the boats go first, to go up. Timing is everything as they say, and as we went up, a boat came down and I caught their splash full on! Yep, my entire right side was soaked!   I’ve still got the rest of the ride to get through and then there it is, the big drop. DS is loving this and at the bottom, he ducks.   Did I mention he’s right in front of me?  Yeah, what wasn’t wet already, has now been taken care of and DS, he’s laughing hysterically!  He’s not the biggest 10 year old, his head doesn’t even come to the top of the seat on the boat, so he really wouldn’t have blocked much of the water but it was the principle of it.  DD complains about being wet until we get to the ladies room and she sees just how wet I am.  Thankfully she’s smart enough to stop complaining. Well, the parade is still going and Big Thunder Mountain Railroad says 20 minutes. I say no thanks, I’m too wet, you all go ahead.  So DH, DD & DS walk in and the wait sign switches to 10 min. That’s 2 Mountains in one night now for DS and he’s happy and excited.   Is my baby growing up? 

The parade is finally over so we try to find Dad & Jackie. Cell phones are wonderful things, when people answer them!  I’m learning that Dad has his in a holster on his hip, and he doesn’t hear it, ever! Somehow the kids see them in the crowd and we catch up.  Time is really flying, not too long till Holiday Wishes.  We head towards Pirates to see how long the wait is, yay! 5 minutes. I love walking on to rides! Love the Davey Jones things, and Capt Jack Sparrow is so life like, my DS still doesn’t believe me that it’s not a real person.  Wow, we’ve gotten through just about everything that we thought Dad & Jackie would be interested in. We walk up towards Crystal Palace, get a spot to watch the fireworks and DD gets us more cookies & cocoa. I was really liking the warm cocoa, I wasn’t dripping anymore, but I certainly wasn’t anywhere near dry. Thank goodness that it was so nice that night, not like Sun/Mon nights!  Wishes was good, Holiday Wishes was really good. Dad was just amazed, he’s never seen anything like this before. After the fireworks Dad & Jackie are ready to call it a night. We walk towards Main St with them and say good night.  Back to Tomorrowland! First we decide to check out the shops and look at sweatshirts. The party sweatshirt was ok, but not as nice as the one from 2001 that was tied around my waist. Now DD is getting hungry, really? I’m still full from lunch.  Since it’s almost time for the 2nd parade we head to Pecos Bill’s, she get’s Counter Service and we watch the parade from the benches on the porch. Maybe not the best view, but we were sitting. We got some extra fries & a coke to share and everyone started to perk back up. Back through Fantasy Land and I finally get to ride Pooh Bear.  Don’t ask me why, but I love this ride.   I usually skip it because it always has long lines, but now it’s 5 minutes!  Then we catch Peter Pan, it say’s 20 minutes, but was closer to 10.  Allright, back to Tomorrow Land.  DS still wants to go on Space Mountain.  10 minutes, all right let’s go. There he is in the 1st row again, in the past he would get off a ride, we’d ask “did u like it?” he’d say “ya, but I don’t want to go again” now he’s in the 1st row on Space Mountain?! I haven’t been on this in years, I forgot how much fun it is! DS wants to go again!   Wait, I didn’t get to go on Buzz yet and it’s 11:30. So we go ride Buzz, DD & I lose to the boys yet again and then back to Space Mountain. It’s almost midnight, but here we go again. I can’t believe we’re still riding rides and everyone is happy at the end of the party!  We make our way out of the park, sad that we never made it to Main St during the party. We missed the snow! Wow, what a magical party. The castle lights were amazing, everyone had fun and was happy and DS hit all 3 mountains in one night .  Triple Mountain Whammy accomplished!  There really is a Santa Claus!

Next up: AK & Boma

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