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I wish I was there right now to experience it myself, but sometimes life gets in the way.    If you’re lucky enough to be at or going to DisneyWorld this week, make sure you check out the International Food & Wine Festival at Epcot. 

This weeks  Eat to the Beat Concerts:

 10/12-13 Kool & The Gang – “Celebration”  

10/14-16 Spyro Gyra – “Morning Dance”

10/17-18 Jon Secada – “Just Another Day”

The concerts are included with your admission to the park 🙂

There are also seminars, tastings & signature dining events scheduled for almost every day.  If you don’t want to get tied down to an event, take time to sample foods from around the world as you walk through the World Showcase.  Besides the usual Countries in the World Showcase, there are booths set up for all over the world.  Each offers sample/tasting size snacks & wines/beers from their area.  Prices are $2.75  – $10 and snack credits from the Disney Dining Plan can be used for most of the snacks, not the beer & wine though.  

Eat, Drink & Be Merry!

Our last night at the World

All freshened up after our afternoon in the pool, we head over to the Beach Club Resort  for our dinner at Cape May’s Clam Bake.  Our ADR was for 6:50, but we went early and were seated within 15 minutes. While we waited we listened to a choir group perform in the lobby.

They were very good!  I love all the “extra” stuff Disney does during the Holidays!

Our server was Mary. I remember her name only because she has waited on us 3-4 times over the last 6 years. On our very 1st trip she taught DS to color on the mussel shells (after DH was done with them). I do miss the buckets they used to have for the clams & mussels, but they still tasted fantastic!  DD & DS made out just fine with the non-seafood options.  They had ribs, chicken w/pasta -from the adult buffet- and pizza, chicken strips, hot dogs & mac and cheese from the kiddie buffet.  DH & I enjoyed the clams, mussels, clam chowder, peel & eat shrimp and more that I can’t remember.  Of course we also had the oreo bon bons off the dessert buffet  and maybe a few other desserts.  After a very good dinner, we decided to go back to the room & change. The temps were dropping more than we had expected.  By the time we were ready to walk back out the door, DS decided he was just too tired to go anywhere and he just wanted to go to sleep.  We set up the beds (the kids don’t/won’t share a bed, so we had the sleeper sofa & a twin size aerobed in the living room) I gave DS my cell phone and told him to call us if he needed anything, then the 3 of us left to go watch Illuminations one more time, and see what else we were up to doing. It was Extra Magic Hours at Epcot that night.  It was strange having 3 of us, with DD as the 3rd.  Usually she’s the one off on her own, but DS looked like he’d be asleep before we got to the elevator. We made our way to Epcot and found a spot near Canada to watch Ilumminations.

As soon as it was over (so sad) we went to Canada to check out the new movie.  It had been on our “to do” list, but we hadn’t gotten to it until now. While we waited, we talked about calling DS and checking on him, but didn’t want to wake him up, so we head in to watch Martin Short tell us about Canada. Don’t you know that’s when the cell phone rings.  He’s fine, just wants to know what we’re doing.  We’ll call you back after the movie! Gotta say, this was a huge improvement over the old movie.   DD decides she’s just to cold & too tired to stay. She heads back to go “relax” in the hot tub.  Ok, we call DS back and he say’s great, he’ll put his suit on and wait for his sister.  DH & I decide to stay and walk around the World Showcase.  I don’t really know what possesed us, I’m so tired and my legs are killing me, but we go walk. From Canada we head towards Mexico. Stop in Norway to ride Maelstrom, then just wander for awhile. It’s so nice to just be a couple.   DS calls and asks where his sister is.  DH calls her, oh she had her suit on under her clothes and went straight to the hot tub!  Called DS back, he goes to meet her.  DH & I continue to walk (no other choice at this point!)  We get to check out the shops in Germany and Italy.   We slowly make it back to the International Gateway and catch a Friendship home. It’s midnight (somehow we did the whole EMH time we were so tired, we obviously weren’t moving fast)  Got back to the villa, and no children.  Call DD again and watch from our balcony as she got up to check her phone.    She wants to know if we’re gonna join them;  It’s 12:15am are you nuts??!! Oh my aching body. Ok, maybe the hot tub doesn’t sound too bad,  DS really should have gone to sleep hours ago, he’s babbling incoherent statements, but happy as can be.   After soaking for a little bit it’s time to go to bed. Gotta pack in the morning.  

Next up:check out and spend the day


I planned our Candle Light Pocessional dinner package at Garden Grill for a few reasons. We’ve had several good meals there in the past and the food was pretty “safe” for Dad.  For those that haven’t been, you don’t order (other than your drinks) there is a set meal that is brought out family style.  Biscuits & rolls (no more orange honey butter ) salad and the main course: Turkey w/cranberry relish, Flank Steak w/Mushroom Cabernet au Jus, and Fried Catfish, served with homestyle potato casserole and selected fresh vegetables.  We had a good meal, our server was allright, but not great.  We never got biscuits (the table next to us did) the kids food I requested took awhile to come out (kids menu is also all you can eat, chicken strips, fries & stouffers mac&cheese)  This is a character meal, Farmer Mickey, Pluto, Chip & Dale. We had a lot of time with the characters, saw each of them twice and got great pictures!  Dale swiped DS’s hat right off his head and took off with it,  then held it up higher than DS could reach.  Pluto seemed quite taken with Jackie, and seemed to be trying to take her away from Dad.  The funny part of the meal was when  DD spilled her whole glass of Coke on Dad & Chip. Funnier for me than DD, Chip or Dad.    We finished dinner with a caramel apple dish. I don’t remember the exact name, but it was good. DS could have had a cupcake, but decided he was full. It was a pretty fun meal!

Now remember back to Wednesday morning and I was confused about Dad & Jackie having breakfast at the Studios?  Well they admitted later that day that they thought they “might have screwed up”. They had breakfast at Hollywood & Vine with Dora the Explorer .  No, that wasn’t Dora, wrong park/COMPANY you actually had breakfast with the Little Einsteins;  and well, yes, you screwed up. Now you’ll have to pay out of pocket for dinner tonight (which if they had really wanted that Hollywood & Vine breakfast, I’d have told them to pay out of pocket for that since it was cheaper  ) Oh well, not my fault.  They’re grownups, although I spent the week feeling like they needed more supervision than my 14 yr old, lol. 

We got our passes for the Candle Light Processional from our server and then walked around World Showcase  to work off dinner.  I have always heard wonderful things about Candlelight Processional and how it’s a “don’t miss” event. I’ve always wanted to go, but the kids were so much younger on our past Christmas trips that I didn’t think they’d sit through it. I know our passes guarantee us seats, but OMG the line is sooo long!  I really didn’t know how they were going to get everyone into the the theater, but once they started, everyone was in in no time flat.  Disney is certainly the King of crowd control!  We’ve got good seats, a really nice gentleman in front of us telling us what to what/look for (sign language interpreter is in front of us and amazing to watch!)  Our Narrator tonight is Edward James Olmos (Lt Castillo in Miami Vice, Justice Mendosa, West Wing, Commander Adama in BSG)  Wow! Wow! Wow! This was truly an amazing experience. The choirs were fantastic, the orchestra & Conductor were amazing and the Signer, you could feel the music in his signing.  He emoted every bit of every piece of music. It was beautiful. If I lived nearby, this would be my Christmas Eve tradition. Since I don’t, it’ll just be a “must do” every Christmas trip from now on.

9:15pm, only 15 minutes till Holiday Illuminations. Our time with Dad & Jackie is just about over. We walk towards Germany and get a great spot for the fireworks. “Dad, stand here with the kids. The show starts in a few minutes and we’ll be right back”. I’m telling you, ADHD.  He starts walking off. UGH! STAY! My kids follow directions better!    DH & I go for a beer from Germany.  The line is slow and Illuminations is about to start, so I walk back to Dad & the kids and now Jackie is missing.  Dad said she went to the ladies room and hasn’t made it back.  Well, we are directly in front of the restrooms in Germany.  She couldn’t have come out and not seen us.  DH makes it back, but still no Jackie.  Good thing I know Illuminations by heart, I go check the ladies room, no one there.  Come back and a few minutes later Jackie appears. Seems she spotted a shop and had to have a quick look.  The weather is beautiful, DS is “conducting” the fireworks (hilarious picture) the holiday ending is a magical ending to our evening. We say our good-byes, (bell services will be picking Dad & Jackie up at 4:15 am )  Wow, I can’t believe it’s over. I really hope/think they enjoyed their trip. Thankfully we still have another day left.
It’s a shame this isn’t video, just imagine his arms moving all over the place!

Coaster boy strikes again!

Dad & Jackie want to do their own thing this morning.  That’s fine, we’ll meet in the United Kingdom at 1pm.  That should give us time to do “the world” before our 5:30pm Advanced Dining Reservation.

So we head to the Studios.  A few years ago, DS had a brave moment and wanted to ride Rockin Rollercoaster.  He wasn’t quite big enough, so the CM gave him a “Limo Pass” that said when he was tall enough to ride, bring the pass back for front of the line privileges.  We’ve brought the Limo Pass back several times, and he even tried to use it once but the ride broke down while we were waiting.  This time he’s going to use it!  DH grabs 4 fast passes (all of our tickets) for Tower of Terror  and then we walk over to Rockin Rollercoaster.  DD isn’t in the mood to ride, so the 3 of us head in.  The limo pass worked as a fast pass for our whole party.  Good thing the kid loves Aerosmith, the line is moving pretty fast.  Love the pre-show!  I haven’t been on this in years (usually sitting outside with DS)  Allright, want to ride with me?  I didn’t think so. —- 3,2,1 “Dude looks like a lady!”   Wow!  I’m singing and laughing (and hoping that my baby) is ok.   He’s never done corkscrews before … It’s over so fast, how’d he do? “Can we get in the single rider line?”   My baby isn’t a baby anymore.

Meet up with DD outside, and see the crowds in the street growing and moving this way.  She doesn’t really want to ride anything and decided to go to the room, maybe eat or catch up with my dad & Jackie. DH & DS go on what used to be their favorite ride, Tower of Terror.  I’ll just go sit and wait thank you very much.  I sat enjoying the sun, and had a great chat with a lady from Baltimore. It was really nice and before I knew it, the boys were back  and then they were gone to use the other 2 fast passes.   They really like Tower of Terro, I’m still thinking about it.   Maybe next trip I’ll be brave enough?   Now the boys are done, I say good bye to my new friend and head back to Rockin Rollercoaster.  The single rider line moved quick and the ride was even more fun this time.

12:30 already? Guess it’s time to head out of the Studios and make our way to Epcot.  OOH! Streetmoshpere! I love Streetmoshpere!   “The World’s most famous actress, Norma Desmond (?)” was needing a little attention, so DS posed for pictures with her.   Then we ran into “Jack Diamond, talent agent” and his assistant “Honey Darlin”.   “Jack” recognized DS’s talent immediately and then showed him some magic tricks.  That was so much fun!

— I have to stop and say that I know a lot of people don’t like the Studios, but it’s one of my favorite parks.  I suppose if you just rush from ride to ride you’re done in no time flat, but there’s so much to just “experience” here.  The Streetmoshphere characters and shows are hilarious.  We’re still quoting Honey Darlin a week later.  The detail on the shop windows, and all through the streets, the handprints outside GMR, there is so much to enjoy if you slow down to notice.–

Ooops, it’s almost 1 already. DD has picked up Counter Service  lunch for herself at Epcot and taken another ride on Test Track.  Now she’s catching up with Jackie & Dad (grandpa for her).

My plan is falling apart, and I don’t like that.  I like plans and schedules. We’re supposed to see World Showcase  & take a time out for the DVC Merry Mixer.  Deep breath, we’ll still have time to do everything.

Or maybe not. Dad Jackie & DD are already between Morocco & Japan!  We catch up only to find out that Dad & Jackie have spent the last few hours going through World Showcase themselves.  That was not the plan! DH grabs a quick lunch from Germany while DS & I get pretzels for lunch. We manage to finish just in time to catch the 3pm show at American Adventure.  Since they’ve already seen the rest of World Showcase (so they think, I’m pretty sure they missed a lot) we head towards the International Gateway to go out to the Merry Mixer.  Dad & Jackie are going to go with us, but at the last minute decide they need to stop in the World Traveler shop. Ok, we won’t be long.

This is our 1st trip as DVC members (Disney Vacation Club Members), and our 1st Merry Mixer. Outside the International Gateway, there is the party.  Music, dancing, games and sugar cookies that are unbelieveable. Pin trading, pictures with Mickey. It was pretty cool, but loud. Very loud. We didn’t stay long, got our ornaments and headed back into the park. Dad calls DH (again? I’m starting to get a complex!) He and Jackie are near The Land. They’ll meet us by the restaurant for dinner. Ok, we’ve got some time and the kids want to ride Test Track  again, so we walk over.  DH & I sit and rest d wait while the kids single rider line. Now, this is cool, as we’re sitting a guy comes up to me and says “So you listen to the DISunplugged?” I’m wearing my podsquad t-shirt that I won right before the trip We talked for a bit, about the show and our trips before he went back to find his family. How cool is that? Only in The World! The kids finish TT and we decide to cut through Mouse Gears on our way to the land. I look, and say hi to my dad Jackie likes to shop, so it wasn’t too surprising to find them there. So we wander through the store with them and then make our way to Garden Grill for our CLP package dinner.

Up next:I’ve waited years to see CLP

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